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Known as the largest city in Florida and the U.S., Jacksonville (JAX) is a city with over 850 square miles of coastal beaches, a sprawling metropolis and surrounding suburbs. The city is home to Fortune 500 companies, healthcare institutions and breakthrough startups. All of these give job searching candidates a variety of job options scattered across several industries. Due to the high number of professional jobs, many employers are making use of work from home in Jacksonville to take advantage of its flexibility. Keep reading…

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The top industries in Jacksonville include Healthcare, Finance & Insurance, and Technology. With competitive compensation and affordable housing, Jacksonville is a great city to call home. Opportunities form home allow you to decide what part of Jacksonville you want to choose.

HQ Central

Jacksonville is home to over 80 corporate headquarters along with innovative startups. Available roles include analysts, inventory managers, software developers and many more across fields like cybersecurity, health, finance and logistics.

Here’s a list of just a few companies with an HQ in the city of Jacksonville:

  • Fidelity Investments
  • Winn-Dixie
  • South Easter Grocers
  • Interline Brand Headquarters
  • Baptist Health
  • Florida National Bank
  • Home Depot

Job opportunities are plentiful in Jax, attracting newly grads and experienced talent alike. Work from home jobs include virtual assistants, medical transcriptionist, translator, web developer, freelance writer, data enter and many more.

Wages & Cost of Living

The average salary in Jacksonville is $61k which is 5 percent higher than the national average, making Jacksonville a competitive location with favorable tax treatment. As for cost of living, the median home cost is $180,300 which is about 1/3 of the median across the state of Florida, and median rent is about $950 making Jax one of the more affordable cities in the state.

Higher than average salary paired with lower than average cost of living represents an overall higher quality of life in Jax. Data shows that Jacksonville is among the top cities with a free business environment with good rankings in healthcare and environment quality.

Fun Facts

  • Jacksonville was named for General Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida who, incidentally, never visited Jacksonville
  • The St. Johns River is one of just a few rivers in North America that flows north instead of south.

Things to do in Jax

  • Jacksonville Jaguars with a stadium that has premium bars, swimming pools on the top deck, and loyal fans.
  • Jazz festival and the famous Art Walk.
  • Jax Beaches makeup more than 80,000 acres with 337 locations.


The sunshine state is best known for its weather and favorable tax rates. While there are many cities to choose from, Jacksonville has the best of both worlds with great jobs and an affordable cost of living. As the biggest city in the U.S., you can choose any lifestyle you want in this great city – from beach side to countryside to city living.