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If you are tired of working outside of your home for someone else, helping them to make money and you only receiving a portion of what you deserve, then you may want to look for work from home jobs in the Nashville, TN area. Working from home can change your entire life and help you find the career that makes you happy. Keep reading…

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There are many reasons why people choose to work from home; they may have little children that needs constant care, they may be providing care for an elder parent, they may not have adequate transportation, they may have a physical handicap that would prevent them from making it to another physical location, but they are trained for the position.

Types of Positions

There are a variety of work from home positions available to anyone that wants to work from the comfort of their home. Not every job can be performed at home. There are many factors to consider before the job can be transferred to work from home.

The most popular top five work from home jobs include:

  1. Accountant with an income of around $51,000 annually
  2. Writer with an annual income of approximately $48,000 annually
  3. Program Manager with an annual income of $52,000 annually
  4. Business Development Manager with an annual income of $78,000 annually
  5. Territory Sales Manager with an annual income of around $64,000 annually

Another five popular work from home jobs include Engineer at $85,000 annually, online teacher earning around $49,000 annually, a consultant at $85,000 annually, project manager at $74,000 annually, and a customer service representative at $38,000 annually.

Job Search

To begin your search, create a profile in the main online job board websites so you can get recognized as soon as you have created your account and uploaded your resume. Once you upload the resume, you can begin searching by using the keywords, “work from home” and in the location, put “Nashville, TN”.

Once you are hired at a work from home position, you may still need to travel to the company’s location in order to fill out your paperwork for human resources. You may even be required to do some training on site before you are allowed to work from home independently.


Work from home positions are great but keep in mind, you won’t be seeing co-workers every day. You don’t get to go to the lunchroom to eat your lunch with others. You will be alone most of the time. You must be able to deal with that otherwise, you will not be able to function 100% because you have minimal human interaction.

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