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With the world in a pandemic that started in 2020, many businesses had to rethink the way they operated. They may have depended on a building filled with employees operating their business, performing a number of tasks. After the pandemic started, the way businesses had to keep functioning relied heavily on self-motivation of each employee to get up and go to a room in their home and do their job using the equipment they had. After successfully keeping the business up and running, employers realized that this new way of operating their business is now costing them less for the same results, or better results. Now work from home jobs are more plentiful and necessary to keep a business alive. Keep reading…

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About OKC Work From Home Jobs

Here are some typical positions that will offer work from home flexibility:

Benefits and Payroll Manager: pay to be discussed

Work at home. Full time. At this job, you will be responsible for maintaining employee records of wellness and health benefits. Be proactive and help to make decisions that will allow the company to grow and reach their goal and their potential.

Director of Commerce Delivery: Pay to be discussed

Work from home. Full time. This job requires you to manage, lead, and coach a great team of Ecommerce strategists as well as Project Managers that will create high quality Ecommerce to happy clients.

Customer Support: Pay depends on experience and will be discussed

Full time. As a customer support specialist, you will help grow customer base by focusing on schools and school districts across the country

Online Tutor: $16 to $20 per hour

Full Time. You will tutor a student online to help them understand their lessons in a particular subject. You don’t have to offer tutoring from all classes; only the ones you are comfortable with.

Liberty Mutual Remote Inside Sales Representative. Pay to be discussed

Full time. You will provide excellent customer service to a certain customer base in order to help them prepare for the present and the future.

Preparing to Work from Home

Before you begin, you will need certain equipment to help you do your job correctly. The equipment and supplies you will need will depend on what you do and who you work for. In some cases, the company will provide you with a certain amount of equipment while others will have you go out and purchase the equipment and then reimburse you for your expenses.

You will need a room dedicated to an office where you cannot have any disturbance and the noise level in your home is low. Customers need to hear you when you are on the phone with them. You also need to hear them as well. You may also be joining or organizing meetings through places like Zoom or FaceTime.


Working from home will be rewarding to you because you will have a sense of success and completion at the end of the day when you are ready to leave your home office and go join your family for dinner or a movie.

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