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Companies are learning that transforming some of their positions over to a work from home position is saving them money and time. When a company hires staff that work from their own home office, they are no longer in charge of paying workers comp, paying for expensive office space, and more. Keep reading…

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About San Antonio Work From Home Jobs

When an employee decides to work from home, they can set up a room in their home or a building on their property that they want to convert into an office. They can decide their working schedule, the tasks they want to do, and buy the equipment they need to set up their office.

In many work from home jobs, an employer will require that a contract is signed between the employee and the employer in order to guarantee a certain level of professionalism within the assignments issued.

Typical Positions

There are certain positions that work well in a work from home setting.

These jobs include:

  • Web Developer – design and maintain websites for clients who may not know how to create one on their own. Even the simple set ups offered online for web design can be difficult to get through to someone who may not understand how it works. You can take the anxiety out of development and design.
  • Computer Support Specialists – If you know your way around computers and programs, you may enjoy working as a computer support specialist. You will be a vital part of keeping a business running smoothly and assist when they experience issues.
  • Teacher/Tutor – If you like teaching, you can become a teacher or a tutor online. Work as little as one hour online helping children who struggle in certain subjects like math or language arts.
  • Virtual Assistant – If you like to do administrative tasks but you want to work from home, you can open your own virtual assistant business. Duties you perform can include answering emails, answering rerouted calls, scheduling appointments, and more.

Pay will normally be a little more than if you went to an office to perform the duties because the company has less expense if you work from home, which means they can afford to pay more for services.

Job Search

When you are ready to find a work from home job, there are a few websites that you can search to find the one that is right for you.

  • Visit popular websites that offer virtual job postings such as,, and Once on these sites, you can enter keywords such as work from home in the search window to get results.
  • Create your website that will advertise your business or services you offer and then use social media to advertise it. Your ad may pop up in search results for a company that may be looking for the services you offer.


When you work from home, you must be organized, detail-oriented, and the ability to start working on your own. You can start your work from home business anytime. You can work part time around another job or full time. With work from home jobs, your possibilities are endless.

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