Professional Online Coaching

I’m Coach Dustin Flick, a coach-in-training at WCI.

New Years Eve 2019 @ Disney World

Once my training is completed I’ll be a Certified Professional Coach.

Currently, I work full-time as a CFO at a construction company in Dallas.

My coaching business began as a hobby of mentoring friends and co-workers on their careers.

I seemed to have a gift for coaching and really enjoyed helping people improve their lives.

Eventually I decided to undergo formal training and become a certified coach.

Once my training is complete I’ll officially be a Certified Professional Coach.

My coach-in-training seal


Career coaching is the 2nd most sought after type of coaching in the US (life coaching is 1st). Common career coaching goals include getting a better job, getting a promotion, finding a fulfilling career, and changing industries / fields.


Depending on your career goals you may be looking for open positions to grow or transition into. I’ve put together a variety of articles on different types of jobs people are often searching for, highlighting pros and cons of the jobs as well as typical responsibilities and average pay rates.

Affordable Career Coaching

One of the first thing I did that got me interested in coaching was career mentoring.

I would help out friends and colleagues with their career related goals and plans.

That eventually morphed into helping strangers for free by way of Craigslist ads and referrals.

What I learned is that there is a huge number of people that are yearning for something more but really can’t afford professional career coaching.

That is really what set me in motion to deliver an affordable career coaching service that everyone can afford.

I’m still working towards getting that started but I have created some career related resources to get my foot in the door.

Career Guides

More career resources…