The Big Jobs Page

The first type of coaching I ever did was career mentoring. I would work with coworkers or people who responded to posts I made on social media and Craigslist.

It was this mentoring that eventually became the foundation for this site and my journey to being a full-time professional coach.

Jobs are one of the most searched things online

I was mentoring people locally and one thing I did early on was set up a few job groups on Facebook for people to share jobs with the group and. All the groups were based on types of Dallas jobs like “Part Time”, “Amazon”, and “Work from Home”.

To provide more opportunities I connected a job feed from a major job site to the groups so new jobs would be posted daily. I was also an affiliate for this site so if people clicked on the jobs I would make a few cents.

The job feed had an extra benefit of delivering some traffic to my website, which was new at the time.

So to help grow this business I’m creating a bunch of pages with info to help people get different jobs in a bunch of major cities. Included in these pages will be new job listings.

I’m hoping this will provide my visitors with the newest job openings and help me grow the traffic to my site and attract new customers once my coaching services are launched.

Jobs by City

Part of my plan to help grow this site is to create “how to” pages for various job types in different locations around the country.

At first I thought I could just create pretty generic job listing pages and traffic would come but there are too many pages already like that.

So instead I plan to use some of my coaching experience and research skills to provide the best information I can to help people actually have a better chance of landing the jobs they’re after, as opposed to just providing job listings.

For starters here are the cities I’ve started to create job pages for: