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Amazon has created a well known reputation. One of the largest retailers, Amazon offers products and services online throughout the United States. Offices are located in different locations in order to employ a large part of local population. Keep reading…

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About Columbus OH Amazon Jobs

Founded in 1994, Amazon has only grown in the products they offer and the customers who buy. CEO, Jeff Bezos, has help build Amazon to create a business that appreciates the customer and makes customer satisfaction number one. Because of the exceptional customer service they provide, a potential job at this company may be eye-catching to many people. Amazon jobs are consistently opening up and when they do, they need people willing to fill them quickly. With an office location in Columbus Ohio, this is close and exciting.

Amazon Office Location

Amazon has six locations throughout Ohio. The Amazon hub locker is located at 2114 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43201.

Job Roles at Amazon

There are several positions that occupy the Amazon hub locker including:

  • Process Assistant
  • Amazon Prime Shopper
  • Amazon Order Picker
  • Order Filler
  • Amazon Locker Team Member
  • Delivery Associate
  • Senior HR Assistant
  • Delivery Driver

Employee Experience

Amazon has over sixty-six thousand reviews and maintains a 3.6 – Star rating.

For employees that rated Amazon a 1-star, the main complaint was on co-workers who tend to stay on their phones or not help others and managers that allowed them to get by with It.

For employees that rated Amazon a 2-star, believed the ambassadors were not doing their jobs correctly.

For employees that rated Amazon a 3 – star, for the most part, it’s a good place to work however you don’t always get the recognition for the job you do.

For employees that rated Amazon a 4 – star, a good work environment and good ethics however, the pay wasn’t as good as it should be.

For employees that rated Amazon a 5 – star place to work, the management was great and efficient, the pay was very comparable, and the benefits were wonderful. A friendly environment was also mentioned as well as safety.

Final Words

Working at Amazon is a good place to invest your time and energy at. The company overall is doing a good job in providing a variety of positions to suit the company as well as employees. The main focus of Amazon is being a place where anyone can shop and have products delivered to their home. Investing your time and efforts to Amazon will be rewarding to you as well.

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