Jobs & Pay Rates at Amazon

After surpassing the 1M employee mark in 2020 Amazon is currently the 2nd largest employer in the US (Walmart is #1).

What Do Amazon Jobs Pay?

Here are average pay amounts for the most popular jobs at Amazon nationally:

  • Amazon Warehouse Jobs – $15.40 per hour
  • Amazon Delivery / Driver Jobs – $30.71 per hour
  • Amazon Customer Service Jobs – $17.36 per hour
  • Amazon Flex Jobs – $18.75 per hour
  • Amazon Shopper Jobs – $16.35 per hour

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What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a ride sharing type opportunity where you are paid to deliver packages to Amazon customers in your neighborhood or city.

Flex drivers collect Amazon packages from the regional center and deliver them directly to customers homes.

Amazon Flex is currently operational in over 50 cities across the US and is continuing to grow rapidly.

How Many Jobs Does Amazon Provide?

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, Amazon added more than 400,000 jobs which increased their total employment number to over 1 million.

As more and more people shift towards online shopping, Amazon’s total headcount is likely to grow even further.

The two most popular types of Amazon jobs are warehouse and delivery jobs as they’re needed to manage the company’s massive infrastructure network.

What Jobs are Available at Amazon?

  1. Package Sorter – Sorting and loading packages in the warehouse.
  2. Shopper – Assembling customer orders at Whole Foods or in Prime Now warehouses.
  3. Warehouse – Maintaining inventory, receiving shipments, and packaging orders.
  4. Amazon Air – Packaging orders and moving shipments to the aircraft.
  5. Delivery Driver – Use a company or personal vehicle to deliver packages to homes, offices, and retail stores.
  6. Amazon Stores – Working at retail storefronts like Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh Grocery, Amazon Books, and Amazon Pop-Up’s.

How Long Do Amazon Seasonal Jobs Last?

A seasonal position is likely to last during the peak time of the year, normally beginning from the start of November and ending in early January.

In 2020, Amazon hired up to 100,000 seasonal employees to manage the increased customer demand over the end-of-year holiday season.

While being a seasonal Amazon employee is a temporary opportunity, you can be hired permanently after the peak season if you perform exceptionally.

How to Apply for Amazon Jobs?

Step 1: Fill the Online Application

There are multiple openings at Amazon in various categories, so make sure you find one that you will enjoy doing.

Once you find the right job, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button which will redirect you to the Amazon online application.

You will be required to create a new profile and fill all the required sections of the online job application form.

While Amazon does not accept cover letters, having an updated resume or CV is important to make your application stand out.

Step 2: Phone Interview

If your online application seemed appealing to the HR team, they would contact you for a phone interview.

This will contain behavior-based questions since the company wants to know of past experiences where you handled emergency situations or took on challenges.

Remember to use Amazon’s Leadership Principles while answering these questions because it shows that you took an interest in learning more about the company’s core values.

Step 3: Completing the Assessments

Amazon has a unique way of hiring new employees that often includes conducting assessments.

This brief online assessment is designed to measure the competency of a potential employee and to get to know them better.

The two most common assessments for Amazon jobs are the work style assessment and the work sample simulation.

The work style assessment will focus on Amazon’s Leadership Principles and asks you to select the statements that best describe your work ethic.

In work sample simulation assessments, your problem-solving skills, prioritization techniques, and interpersonal abilities will be put to test.

Step 4: Final Interview

Once you have cleared all the previous steps, the final requirement is an interview with the team.

You will be asked some basic questions, but it is important to stay concise and detailed with your responses.

Amazon wants to hire intelligent people who are great with customers, which is why having a good work ethic is a prerequisite for working at Amazon.