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A part-time job is a form of employment in which a person is subjected to work for a few hours, unlike the full-time workers. Since there is no demarcation in the working hours of a full-time employee and a part-timer, the working hours of a part-time employee may differ depending upon its employer. Over the past twenty years, the count of part-timers has increased drastically particularly in the United States of America due to countless reasons. Keep reading…

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About Chicago Part Time Jobs

This work setting is suitable for many individuals. For instance, students find it very much feasible to work as a part-time employee. This not only pays them a competitive salary but they are also able to do work on something that is related to their studies. Retirees who need extra income besides their retirement fund also intend to work as a part-timer but most commonly, it’s the freelancers who like this work environment. The reason behind this that this type of work not only pays them modestly but they are also able to do other activities which they aspire for, unlike the full-timers.

Job Requirements

When you are looking for a part-timer, consider hiring an individual who is compliant with the working hours. The employer must keep in mind the part-timers working schedule so as not to cause any hindrance in his/her work life. The educational requirements for a part-timer differ depending upon the job description but the applicant must have proper working experience and an impressive resume.

Advantages of Part Time Work

The roles and responsibilities of a part-timer may vary following the type of company. For instance, a retail part-timer is responsible for managing and responding to the customer queries, ordering and assembling the stock, and the rest, but certain benefits are common to every part-timer and they are:

  • They enjoy the same retirement pension opportunities as a full-timer.
  • They have equal leave privileges as any regular full-time employee and they also have chances for career breaks.
  • Part-timers can work for multiple employers in a month, this way they are free from the monotony of professional life.

Unlike a full-time worker, individuals belonging to this work atmosphere are much relaxed and at ease.

Average Income

Part-time employees are paid by the hour that is why they are so particular about the working hours. The salary of a part-timer working for a particular employer would be comparatively less than a full-time employee working for the same employer. But, since part-timers work for multiple establishments, therefore, their monthly income eventually equals the monthly payment of a full-timer.

The average salary of a part-timer in Chicago is roughly around $12.74 per hour, this may elevate to as high as $25 each hour to as low as $6 for each hour. The remuneration differs based on the working situation. There are many benefits of working as a part-timer, for instance, you can save transportation fares, receive more job opportunities, and most importantly your nerves are at ease.

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