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Part-time positions are the most common type of position available to those on the job hunt for a variety of reasons. At any given moment, hundreds of employers are hiring for part-time positions in Houston, Texas meaning there are currently many thousands of available part-time positions for a wide variety of companies. Keep reading…

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Nearly all part-time positions are paid an hourly wage rather than an hourly salary. The minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 hourly but plenty of part-time positions can pay as much as $15 to $20 hourly, depending on the skills and experience required. Part-time jobs, usually meaning an employee who works less than 30 hours every week, tend to be temporary rather than long term positions. An employee typically spends an average range of six months to two years in one part-time position, with most transitions occurring because an employee chose to leave the company or signed on as a full-time employee.

Typical Jobs

In Houston, the majority of part-time jobs are in the service industry in some capacity. This includes restaurant workers and shopping clerks at grocery stores and retail stores alike. These jobs tend to pay in the lower range of wages, anywhere from minimum wage to $10 hourly. The largest employers for these types of positions in Houston are Walmart and McDonalds, who tend to hire primarily young people with very little work experience or seniors in need of a job. Other common part-time positions in Houston include delivery drivers, front desk clerks, and maintenance roles. Because these jobs typically require additional experience or certifications, they pay slightly more in the $12 to $17 hourly wage range. Part-time jobs generally do not have high education or experience requirements, but common qualifications include proficiency in Excel, customer service, and various technical licenses like commercial driver’s licenses or safety training courses.


The primary advantage of working in a part-time position is the flexibility of one’s schedule. Part-time positions are commonly utilized by students or younger people while they work on longer-term career goals, so most employers are sympathetic to a part-time employee having additional obligations outside of work. While the “part-time” label encompasses every job below 30 hours weekly, many companies have obligations as low as 5-10 hours weekly. This gives employees additional freedom and flexibility they would not get with a full-time job. Additionally, part-time positions are a great way to gain work experience and bolster a resume.


The drawbacks to part-time positions are found primarily in the lower range pay scale and the lack of benefits that full-time employees are typically offered. Part-time employees generally do not have access to the insurance and retirement benefits that their full-time counterparts do, making it difficult to sustainably remain in a part-time position for an extended period of time.

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