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If you need a little extra money between paydays, your daughter needs braces, or you like to have a new car, you may be looking for a part time job. Maybe you don’t need a full-time job, just a way to make a little extra money for yourself. No matter why you need a part time job, you want to start your job search on the right foot. Keep reading…

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About Seattle Part Time Jobs

Seattle has many opportunities for everyone to take advantage of. There are always full time and part time positions open and available, waiting for someone to apply. Here are a few things to consider before you apply.

What Type of Work are You Interested In?

When it comes to a part time job, you want to consider doing something you want to do. You have to have motivation or it won’t take long to get burned out on it. When you work full time at a job, you have the paycheck for motivation if you are feeling burned out. With part time, you don’t normally get a big pay check so you have to enjoy the work or it’s going to get old.

Make a list of what work you are interested in doing. You may like to bake cakes and decorate so look for part time positions at a bakery or cake shop. Maybe you like to take care of elderly residents at a nursing facility.

How far away are you willing to drive to your part time job. Seattle is large in size and part time jobs are going to offered throughout the area. You will want to find something that is close enough for you to drive to without costing you a lot in gas.

When are You Available to Work?

Are you working a full-time job already? Is your spouse working full time? Do you have children at home? Maybe you are looking for a night shift position to work so someone is home with your children at all times or maybe you hate the thought of getting up early to get ready to go to work. Everyone is different so it’s important to select the job that works best for you.

What are You Expecting From a Part Time Job?

As mentioned earlier, you may be wanting a little cash for your wallet or you may need to extra money to help pay for something that costs more than you can afford. Having goals and working toward them is always a good idea. You can always change your plan but the fact is – you need to have a plan. You may want to take a part time in hopes that it turns out to be a full-time position or you may want a part time job in the summer so you don’t have to drive in the winter snow.


When you work, whether it is part time or full time, you get a sense of satisfaction. It may fit into your family’s busy schedule or it may be all you need to get through.

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