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As jobs that can be done from home become increasingly more common, the line between “work from home” and “remote” positions becomes more and more blurred, particularly on job posting where the difference can be confusing. Keep reading…

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About Dallas Remote Jobs

While the terms are often used interchangeably, remote positions tend to refer to jobs that will remain outside of an office setting even as companies begin to bring their employees back to in-person work, whereas “work from home” can refer to a more temporary condition that applies only to the pandemic. That being said, it is always best to confirm a company’s meaning depending on their choice of words.

Typical Positions

Some of the most common remote jobs in Dallas are in the sales, insurance, and technological industries. These sectors tend to be laden with white-collar workers and do not necessarily require employees to be physically present in an office setting to get work done.

That being said, there are definite changes in productivity and motivation outside of a traditional office setting. While some workers report appreciating the flexibility of a remote position, employers have concerns about holding their employees accountable to deadlines and maintaining the same production quality as before the pandemic forced workers into their homes.

The New Normal

That concern seems to be one of the primary reasons why Dallas employers are already beginning to return to “normal” by having their staff return to work in office settings. Nationwide, the return to offices has been slow with an average of about 23% of offices reopening. Dallas, however, has already had about a third of its office workforce return to in person operation since the beginning of September with that number projected to rise so long as restrictions remain lax.

Employee Feedback

Not all workers are happy about the return to working in the office. Many adjusted well over several months of remote work, establishing home offices and routines to keep themselves on track, so the constraints of an office environment feel especially jarring. Employees generally enjoyed working from home after the initial shock back in March, reporting lower stress and anxiety levels and appreciating the flexibility it offers them.

The most commonly reported downside was increased difficulty in keeping work and life separate when there is no spatial distinction, so other workers appreciate the return to the normal structure of an office environment.

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