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One of the hardest-hit economic sectors during the recession concurrent with the COVID-19 pandemic was the manufacturing and distribution industries. As a result, many warehouse workers were laid off which affected supply chain and distribution processes greatly. However, in Houston and across the country, the warehouse workforce is gradually stabilizing and seems to be on the road to recovery, particularly with the holidays and increased consumerism as purchasing patterns return to pre-pandemic levels. Keep reading…

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About Houston Warehouse Jobs

At baseline, Houston is not a major manufacturing city but there are several warehouses located on the outskirts and in adjacent municipalities. Some of the largest warehouse employers in the area are Amazon, the United States Postal Service, and DHL meaning Houston warehouses are generally focused more on distribution than manufacturing. Currently, there are just under 300 warehouse job openings in the Houston area, which is below other hiring averages in prior years.

Positions and Pay

Warehouse jobs span a variety of industries but are concentrated primarily in shipping and production sectors. Entry-level warehouse positions that require very little experience or certification include package handlers and “pickers” who are responsible for filling orders and packing them away in boxes to be shipped. These positions are typically paid anywhere from $13 to $16 hourly and tend to be part-time rather than full-time.

For reference, the minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 hourly, so most warehouse roles generate at least double that. Warehouse jobs that require additional skills and certification include forklift operators and a variety of technician positions. These jobs typically require some form of specialized license or training and involve using heavy equipment in the warehouse setting. These jobs tend to be paid anywhere from $18 to $20 hourly and are more likely to be full time because of the degree of specialization required.

At the highest level in a warehouse work setting are supervisory and managerial positions. These jobs might not necessarily require additional educational qualifications but usually involve undergoing managerial training and having extensive warehouse work experience – usually over five years. These positions are almost always full time and are salaried around $50,000 annually or more, depending on the experience of the applicant.

Job Satisfaction and Opportunity

A large portion of warehouse employees are part-time, which is the likely cause for the below-average job satisfaction ratings that Houston warehouse workers report. Working part-time in a physically demanding role can be discouraging because it means employees do not get the benefits of health insurance that full-time employees do. That being said, warehouse employees report decent levels of opportunities for advancement within warehouse settings and good work-life balances which bump up the overall job satisfaction rating among warehouse workers in Houston.

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