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In an unpredictable world, many jobs went from working on site to working at home. The entire staff from businesses all around the world suddenly began working from their dining room table or a home office that they created over a few days. Businesses started to see the potential of having everyone work from their own home instead of paying for an oversized office building, supplying it with office equipment, internet, power, heating, and stocking supplies as well as other required tasks. With less overhead, they were able to pay workers more and not have the weight of a building on their shoulders. Employees were able to work from home and be productive. Keep reading…

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About Detroit Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs in Detroit are on the rise and there are many positions that need filled every day in order to make a business function the way it should. When working from home, some businesses will supply equipment that may be necessary while others pay more, and the home workers buy their own equipment to do the job.

Example Positions

Work from home jobs are not limited to any position. Companies are redirecting phone calls to someone who works at home and because of that, there are positions that need to be filled.

Customer Service Worker – Full Time

In this position, calls are rerouted to your phone. You will need a laptop and an established internet connection. You will assist customers who call in. You will answer emails and phone calls throughout your designated shift in order to provide top customer service.

Lead Developer – Full Time

In this position, you will be in charge of gathering leads that other employers can use in order to increase their business. Verifying names, numbers, and emails of potential clients will save a lot of time.

Product Designer – Full Time

In this position, you will work with others to develop and build products that can then be shipped out to homes around the world. These products will vary, depending on the company. You will also be working with multiple companies offering products.


When you work from home, you tend to be more productive as long as you can go into a room and close the door. You cannot have distractions including kids in the background. The main requirement for many companies that hire work from home employees is a quiet environment during working hours.

At the same time, you are there with your children, so you don’t need to take them to a daycare for others to watch. You can take a lunch break in your own kitchen, walk your own dog, and yes, you can even work in your pajamas sometimes.


Working from home can offer you so much as an employee. You can be there for your family when they need you the most.

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