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Google, established in 1998, has grown so huge that not only has it managed to conquer the internet but has also replaced some of the words in the English vocabulary. Now if we have to look something up on the internet, we don’t say ‘find it on the internet’, we say ‘Google it’ instead. To get into common masses’ conversation like this is huge, and Google has earned it. Larry Page and Sergey Brin laid the foundations of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. However, now both, Page and Brin have stepped down from their roles as CEO and President and Sundar Pichai is now the new CEO of Alphabet and Google as of 2019. Keep reading…

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The reason for Google’s massive growth in only 22 years of existence is its CEOs’ and Founders’ passion and the organization’s thirst for employing organic talent. In their hunt for employing people only for their talent and passion, google does not necessitate that its prospective employees have a college degree. Means anyone who has the right skills but does not have a college degree can still apply and get a job at Google.

Google’s headquarters, called the ‘Googleplex’ is in California. This Googleplex is a corporate office for both Google and its parent company, Alphabet. Apart from its main headquarters, this internet giant has around 70 offices all over the US and in over 50 countries all around the Globe. As of 2019, Google has more than 1100 people employed in its Chicago office. Owing to the current pandemic, Google has asked all the Googlers to continue working from home till the end of summer 2021.

Typical Job Titles and Responsibilities

Google has more than 100,000 people employed globally all working in different areas but with a single purpose and that is to make Google innovative, diverse, and a world leader in everything that it does. We have mentioned a few of several job titles at Google here along with some of their most prominent requirements.

Google LLC employs Product Managers who can test and launch new products. Not only that, Google asks its product managers to see for any shortcomings in the products and rectify them. Moreover, the product managers at Google need to be adaptable to new environments and should be enthusiastic to work on projects that would ultimately have far-reaching effects. Google Chicago also hires Global Process Managers to work with the major stakeholders of the company. They manage the day to day tasks and should be innovative and suggest ideas that the organization can implement to help it grow.

To oversee all the project-related tasks, such as documentation, team management, and approvals, etc., Google hires Project Managers. These project managers are also responsible to coordinate with other teams such as the Human Resource Team or the Learning and Development team. Furthermore, Google respects and ensures the utmost security of user information. Therefore, it hires Software Engineers for security who are responsible for innovating and applying cutting-edge techniques to ensure top-level cybersecurity.

Job Statistics

Getting into Google isn’t an easy job. Even after Google not necessitating a college degree, it only has an acceptance percentage of 0.2%. This is because it receives millions of applications every year and hired 20,000 people in 2019, according to the CEO, Sundar Pichai.

As far as income is concerned, according to Comparably, the average annual salary of a Googler is around $130,000, while the highest-paid job is that of the Director of Finance, who earns an estimated $600,000. Meanwhile, a receptionist is the lowest-paid Googler and earns around $37,000 annually.

Employee Feedback and Reviews

Glassdoor, a job-hunting platform, ranked Google at number 11 in its ‘Best Places to Work 2020’ list. Moreover, Googlers have given their employer 4.5 out of 5 stars on the same website. The employees of Google are appreciative of its diversity, culture, and all the incentives. However, some of the Googlers also complained about sluggish growth because of it being a massive company. Some people have also mentioned that promotion at Google is slow and working there can sometimes become a little boring.


“Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one”, says Larry Page, the co-founder and former CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Google and Googlers work with passion and dedication to accomplish its mission, which is to organize all of the world’s information and bring it within easy access to all of its users.

Most of Google’s employees value the diversity and work environment of the company. However, some of the company’s employees think that the company is too big, with too many extremely qualified people hence the promotion is slow, and each individual may feel too insignificant in his/her position.

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