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Looking for work as a medical technologist isn’t difficult as there are many businesses looking to hire including hospitals, labs, and doctors’ offices. As a medical technologist your job is to analyze blood samples to help doctors determine a diagnosis and the best treatment for their patients. Good communication is an important skill to have as you will be dealing directly with doctors regarding their patients and whatever problems they may be having and what your tests revealed. Keep reading…

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To become a medical technologist, you will need to receive a 4-year degree in a relevant field, typically medical technology, or clinical laboratory science. The courses are heavy in both science and math so if you are good in both of those subjects this will be easier for you to complete. Once you have completed your degree you can take the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) exam to become certified as a medical technologist in North Carolina.

Major Employers

One great company to work for as a medical technologist is the American Red Cross, not only do they help a lot of people around the world they are also a great employer. Founded in 1881 they have grown to over 10,000 employees. Overall people who work for the American Red Cross feel a sense of achievement and purpose at work every day.

On average starting pay for a medical technologist is $14.50 an hour this increases up to 45,000 per year as you advance with your certification and within the company. Some common benefits included with this job include health insurance, paid time off, a good retirement plan, and a signing bonus. This job has become highly mechanized meaning that you will rely on technology a lot. This will make your daily work easier and more routine than working for other companies with older styles of testing. Overall employees enjoyed their experience working for the Red Cross.


One employee had to say about their experience “Management is incredibly understanding to workers personal needs. They work with employees to help accommodate changes in shifts. They do a great job communicating with the team things to improve on and things you excel at. Great at motivating individuals to be the best they can be.” Others felt that the company had great benefits, room for advancement, and felt that their careers were very rewarding.


Working as a medical technologist in Charlotte is a great career once you’ve put in the time and effort to become certified and established within the company you are working for. If you choose to work for the American Red Cross there are additional benefits not found in other companies including their benefit program and the sense of purpose and achievement that comes with helping others in their time of need.

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