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Working as a CrossFit instructor is a great way to help others on their journey to self-improvement but what is even better is doing it for a non-profit company that is working to help improve their community. The YMCA in Charlotte is looking for a CrossFit instructor to help expand their program, help members with their fitness goals, and give input to clients on dietary and other health related questions that they may have. Of course, this requires specific training and experience before you can begin working. Keep reading…

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The entry level position for a CrossFit instructor at YMCA pays between $17.48 and $21.85 per hour. This pay can increase up to $32.50 an hour after you have more experience with the YMCA and additional training. To become a CrossFit instructor at YMCA Charlotte you need to have at least 1 year of experience training clients or possess a 4-year degree in a related subject and have completed your Level 1 certification. This certification costs $1000 to take the course and test. The course lasts two days with each day consisting of about eight hours. You are required to attend the full course and all training provided to be eligible take the test and receive your certification.

What It’s Like

The level 1 training and certification teaches you the basic movements of CrossFit. During a class-like session you will learn the foundational movement, dietary plans, and methods required to become an instructor. After this you will divide up into small groups called breakout sessions where you will practice the movements with certified instructors to help ensure you are correctly performing the moves and reinforce the foundational movements. Finally, you will participate in group workouts that will mimic a real session at a gym, this teaches you how to conduct a class, enforce proper mechanics, and adapt exercises to varying skill levels.

More Info

The YMCA was founded in 1982 and has grown to over 2,000 locations and serves over 20 million people each year. Employees report being happy with their jobs, that they have the flexibility that they need to have a good work/life balance and feel a sense of purpose in their jobs. Reviews state that their work at the YMCA was fulfilling, being able to see members achieve their personal goals and grow throughout their time together. That this progress and enthusiasm from members made working enjoyable and something that they looked forward to. They also said that it could become fast paced during their busy hours and managing all of the members was something they had to learn.


Working for the YMCA as a CrossFit instructor can be a very fulfilling role working for a great organization who is improving and connecting the community that you live in. This job requires some experience and training prior to being hired but will prepare you for a good job. Plus, it will keep you in good shape along with those whose lives you are working to improve.

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