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In a world where companies and organizations have been built to always seek for profit in their operations, working in a non-profit organization to help causes in local communities or be involved in a worldwide operational system that can change people’s lives may be challenging. Nowadays, non-profit organizations (NPOs) are becoming more popular, and with each passing day, job seekers look for non-profit jobs that usually have the purpose of achieving results that can benefit communities and individuals and do not seek personal gain. In this article, learn more about non-profit jobs, job titles that come with them, and how the non-profit jobs scenario is in Fort Worth, Texas. Keep reading…

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About Fort Worth Non Profit Jobs

Non-profit organizations usually work to achieve goals that will serve the general public, improving many social causes around local communities or even worldwide. Non-profit organizations (NPOs), or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as it is also called, are structured like any other company, and can include many fields of expertise and professional workers. The main difference between a for-profit organization and a non-profit one is that the work being done is not aimed for personal profit.

Non-profit job titles

Job seekers can find a diverse range of job positions in non-profit organizations due to the structure of a non-profit company that is the same as a for-profit organization, hence, the professionals required for this kind of organization are also the same.

The job titles of people working in non-profit companies can be many. It can go from administrative and accounting, executive and top management jobs to marketing and communications, and health and human resources positions.

Some non-profit job titles are:

  • Community service/Project coordinator: this position involves management and supervision of the company’s projects, as well as outreaching the community and making a direct engagement with them.
  • Grand writer: grand writers are specific and high-value jobs, mostly because this position requires the creation of funding applications (that can be foundations, government, or trust). This person will work with the development director to guarantee that the organization fulfills its annual financial goals.
  • Volunteer coordinator: a volunteer coordinator is the person responsible for the frontline of the volunteer’s workforce. The position requires the worker to deal with the volunteers, managing the hiring process, the training, and placing them in the best position for the organization.

Non-profit jobs in Fort Worth, Texas

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in non-profit organizations, it is essential to evaluate factors like salary, benefits, and the non-profit market scenario in your city.

Fort Worth, Texas, currently has about 1.000 available positions in non-profit jobs in a 50 miles range.

The type of positions are many, and the benefits and the average salary varies a lot. For example, an event coordinator in a non-profit organization can earn around $47k per year. Meanwhile, an executive director’s salary can reach $88k a year.

Therefore, working in a non-profit organization can be a great opportunity to change your perspective about work, for whom you’re working, and who will benefit from the work you provide.

In a non-profit job, you’re certainly helping to enhance your local community and really making a change in your social context. You can start your search right now!

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