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There are plenty of jobs available for those who wish to be pharmacists and the pay and benefits for putting in the upfront work makes it all worthwhile. Pharmacists in Charlotte earn on average $115,110 per year with the average starting pay around $103,000. The most common benefits included with these jobs are a 401k match, health, dental, and vision insurance. Keep reading…

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Becoming a Pharmacist takes some time and dedication. You will have to go to an accredited college with an approved pharmacy school program. Once you have finished with school you will have to take and pass the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacy Licensure Examination) and MPJE (Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination). Once you have completed that along with 1500 hours of practical experience under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, which can be done while going to school, you can then apply for your own license.

Major Employers

The top rated companies to work for as a pharmacist in Charlotte are Costco and Kaiser Permanente. Both of these giants have created a great working environment for their employees as they believe that their employees are the heart of their business. Reviews from pharmacists at Costco said that they felt the pay, benefits, and expectations were reasonable and kept them happy with their jobs. They also felt that Costco values their employees, supports them, and treats them with respect. An employee at Kaiser said that the company was focused on creating a safe environment for its workers and that this environment allowed employees a space to learn, grow within the company, and most importantly provide excellent customer service.

Working at Costco as a pharmacist has some amazing benefits. The company was started in 1976 and now employs over 10,000 people. On average pharmacists in Charlotte make $62 an hour and rate that they have a higher-than-average job happiness, compensation, and sense of achievement. Meaning that employees at Costco enjoy their work, feel that they are fairly compensated, and have room to achieve their goals at work. Jobs at Costco can be hard to get but the pay, work environment, and added benefits make it worth the extra effort.

Kaiser Permanente was founded in 2000 and employs over 10,000 people across the US. They also scored high on happiness, compensation, and achievement; however, their average starting pay is less than Costco at $35.90 an hour. They also have additional benefits like excellent health insurance, great work life balance, and the opportunity to work in a more traditional medical facility.


Becoming a pharmacist takes time and hard work but it is a wonderful career full of opportunity, good pay, and great benefits. Choosing the right company to work for can make all the difference in your overall satisfaction in your day-to-day work. So, make sure that the company you choose to work for treats their employees well and fits the work environment you would enjoy the most.

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