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Texas is part of the group of states with the very best occupation rate for registered nurses (RN). In 2019 the number was 218,090, and this year the numbers are even higher. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the demand for registered nurses to increase at least 19% between 2012 and 2022. About the aspects and characteristics of a person in that role, there are some essential qualities that aspiring nurses should have: compassion, integrity, kindness, emotional empathy, pragmatism, friendliness, and ability to work in a team. If you have these attributes, it may be a good idea to bet on RN jobs in Fort Worth, Texas. To help you, we brought more information on the topic. Keep reading…

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About Fort Worth RN Jobs

RN means a registered nurse. The term is used when you earn a license to practice nursing. The occupation requires that you administer hands-on patient care in hospitals, patient’s homes, or medical offices.

The goal is to provide the best treatment to the patient and combine nurse knowledge with the knowledge of other health care professionals.

Also, an RN provides advice to patients, besides educating them and their families about health issues. Whoever invests in this career needs to commit to patients but also training. Therefore, here’s what you should do to become an RN!

How to become an RN?

Becoming an RN requires time, talent, and dedication.

However, some steps can help this journey, for example:

  1. Education: Select a nursing education program based on the type of nursing degree you prefer and intend to pursue. The options are Associate Degree in Nurse (2 years) and Bachelor of Science in Nurse (4 years). Don’t forget to verify if the program is accredited;
  2. Application: Apply for a state license to take a licensure examination named NCLEX. On which the state’s board of nursing, you may check the respective requirements. You can only take the exam if you are qualified and eligible;
  3. RN license: Once you pass the national exam, you’ll obtain licensure. If you need, the national exam results can be used to be approved for registered nurse practice in other states.

But how does this work in Fort Worth? Let’s see in the next topic!

RN jobs Fort Worth

Despite all the beauty of the profession, knowing more about the salary is also very important.

In Fort Worth, registered nurses usually receive an average salary of $62,490 per year and $30 an hour. However, an RN’s salary depends on some factors like location, type of facility, level of expertise, time of experience, areas of specialization, and education background. An example of this is that a professional with a bachelor’s degree will make more money than one with an associate degree.

But first of all, you need to focus on getting the job. We hope this article helped you to try one in Fort Worth!

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