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The University of Denver is a private research university in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 1864 and currently serves approximately 5,700 undergraduate students and 7,200 graduate students. It is classified as an R2 Doctoral Research University, meaning it has “high research activity.” Keep reading…

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It has a beautiful lush, green campus with historic-style buildings spanning 125 acres. The university has made its dedication to diversity and inclusion in the past few years, as well as extending the effects of its research into the Denver community. Earlier this year, the university was awarded $5.1 million in grants to better serve rural communities through education and access, making them trailblazers of community outreach.

Something for Everyone

Working at a university is an excellent career path for academics and non-academics alike. For academics, a research-heavy institution like the University of Denver allows professors the time and resources to conduct their own research in addition to teaching and is readily connected to the broader Denver community to facilitate research opportunities in the natural and social sciences alike.

The University of Denver is particularly favorable for this kind of position because it manages to be a powerhouse of research while maintaining a very small undergraduate population, so academics can balance their time with students and on their own research endeavors. This also means there is an abundance of on-campus work opportunities for graduate students, who often work as aides or tutors to undergrads.

Other non-academic positions at the university include advisory positions, research assistants, and a variety of student support jobs in housing and academic departments. These positions are excellent for individuals committed to student wellbeing as well as those pursuing an upper-level degree who wish to gain work experience at a university.

Employee Reviews

Employees of the University commend the institution on its positive culture and cite working with students as one of the most rewarding parts. Some employees, however, noted that the University has an unusually decentralized network between the various departments and colleges that can make it difficult to coordinate administratively.

Finally, a number of employees in lower-level positions noted the high workload the faced for a comparatively low salary, but didn’t seem terribly upset because they noted that the “students make it worth it.”

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