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City jobs come with several benefits that you won’t find with any other company. While the jobs are not always ease, you can count on your benefits to be an extra perk to motivate you to carry on. The longer you stay with a city job, the better the benefits. City benefits can include higher pay, health care with paid premiums, life insurance, sick days off, vacation days, leave, and retirement benefits. Keep reading…

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About City of Seattle Jobs

If you are interested in city jobs in Seattle, you may be wondering what to expect and what you will qualify for. You can find a lot of different positions available on the website that you can go through to see if you are qualified and you can also apply while you are online. Sign up for an account, apply for the job you are interested in, and you will be notified if you qualify.

City of Seattle Positions

Every part of the city needs to function. In order for it to function fully, there needs to be someone handling it.

Some city positions can include:

  • Public transport – this will include ways to get around the city; subway, train, or bus.
  • Public Utility – this will include utilities that are offered to the city residents and include power, gas, sewage, and trash collection.
  • Public Health – this will include physicians, nurses, and other professionals that will work in a city funded health facility such as a clinic
  • Other office positions such as tax assessor, mayor, parks and recreation, and financial management

It’s not always easy to obtain a position with the city because once someone takes the job, they tend to stay where the benefits are better.

Another important factor to consider is hourly pay. On average, a city position may pay between $25.72 and $32.91 per hour.

City Employee Experience

600 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Out of 186 reviews, the city of Seattle scored an overall 3.8 – star review. Many reviews ranked the jobs high in compensation and overall benefits as well as co-workers being good to work with. Others mentioned the flexible hours and the ability to help the community. The lower scores commented that the work life balance was sometimes difficult as was the seniority being the way they move up.

Final Words

When you take a job with the city of Seattle, you will find a satisfying position that has its own rewards. Check the website often and if you don’t find a job that you like, keep searching until you do. Seattle is a wonderful place to live and work.

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