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Washington, otherwise known as DC, is the United States capital. It is one of the most visited cities in the United States and is a very busy city with private and government structures all over the place – most notable the White House. Keep reading…

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About Washington DC Jobs

DC is a place full of life and vigor, with a lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit. The city has about 705,749 residents with lots of diversity and distinguished cultural heritage. DC has one of the slowest hiring processes because most of the jobs available are provided by the government. DC is mostly known as a city full of opportunities and the notion is not farfetched.

Job Titles and Responsibilities

Employees work hard to make sure that they deliver all they are required to do. Employees can either work in the tech industry or work as government officials, financial service providers, defense or aerospace workers or anything else. Small business owners provide numerous boutique services relevant to the residents. Services like food delivery, resturants, fashion designing, consultancy and so on.

Job Statistics

The median income level of households in dc is about $90,695 with 13.1% below the poverty line. About 6% of the city’s population is unemployed and 19% are employed into the tech industry and 8% in the management industry. Statistics by employment vary but the results show that 78.82% of workers have white collar jobs, 6.25% blue collar jobs, and 14.83% in services and farming. Most employers provide healthcare and professional services and many roles like pilots and flight engineers enjoy these benefits. The turnover rates are slightly rising because some employees are looking for better jobs or better pay. The government is responsible for about 700 new jobs provided annually in the area.

Employee Feedback

Even with the rising turn over rates, most employees would never consider changing jobs especially when they know that it might be difficult getting another one in a timely fashion given the long hiring process. DC is an amazing place to be, with different places to visit and close proximity to other US business hubs. The standard of living in DC is moderate and the majority are able to make a meaningful living thanks to the consistent job market.