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Dallas County is the second-most populous county jurisdiction within the state of Texas. It spans over 30 cities and residential municipalities, the largest of which is the city of Dallas, Texas. As of the 2010 census, with the 2020 census still being tallied, the county had a total population of 2,368,139 residents with significant projected growth over the past decade. Keep reading…

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The most prominent cities in the county include Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Duncanville, De Soto, Farmers Branch, Cockrell Hill, Garland, Hutchins, and Mesquite with the borders of the county forming a perfect square approximating a little over 900 square miles. The median property value in the county is $196,300 for homeowners and the median household income is approximately $60,000 annually.

It is easy to get Dallas County and the City of Dallas, Texas confused, but the primary difference comes down to size and jurisdiction. Dallas County includes the area of the City of Dallas but extends to multiple other cities and municipalities in the area, although the City of Dallas is directly centered in the county. Additionally, county lines are used to determine broader government jurisdiction, such as courthouses and federal representation for the state at large, whereas each city within the county is responsible for its own internal maintenance, including parks, public works, and transportation departments.

Positions & Compensation

As a result of differing jurisdictions, most Dallas County government positions are related to legal work or correctional facility positions. A clerical position at the Dallas County Courthouse, involving data processing and composition, pays roughly $15 hourly and requires a high school diploma as well as clerical experience and/or training.

An officer at the Dallas County juvenile detention facility has an average salary and must have an associate degree or higher in a pertinent field. Most upper-level positions in any county are either elected or appointed, so they are not available to outside applicants.

Non-government positions in Dallas county are highly concentrated in the healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, or technological industries and a majority of workers commute to the City of Dallas as the economic epicenter of the area. Overall, entry-level positions requiring fewer qualifications make around $30,000 annually in the county, typically requiring only a high school diploma and some form of specialized licensing such as a commercial driver’s license.

Mid-level positions, requiring an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree or higher, typically have salaries ranging from $50,000 to $60,000 annually, depending on the sector and an applicant’s position. Above these two levels, salaries can increase dramatically for higher-skilled positions. For example, a software engineer in the county makes well over $100,000 annually, or a health care professional in Dallas County can expect to make $90,000 annually or higher, depending on their job and the training required.

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