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Houston intersects with multiple school districts, but the largest by far is the Houston Independent School District. The city is also full of several private school networks, with over 300 accredited under the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission, as well as multiple charter schools and religiously affiliated institutions. Keep reading…

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The Houston Independent School District is the largest school system in Texas and the eighth largest in the entire United States. It serves most of the City of Houston and a handful of adjacent municipalities, with 284 total schools ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade to teach over 200,000 students. The school district employs almost 12,000 teachers and nearly 30,000 staff in total, including janitorial and technician positions all the way up to administrators. The district has had a rocky history with political backlash and a number of administrative issues but has committed itself to serving the diverse community of Houston in the best way possible. Because the majority of students are Hispanic or Spanish-speaking, the Houston Independent School District has adopted a bilingual education model and employs hundreds of native Spanish speaking educators to assist in this model of education.

Positions and Pay

Within the HISD, there are multiple educator and non-educator positions available to new applicants. One of the most common job categories is for campus support staff, which typically takes the form of tutoring or special education support. These positions require no certification or prior experience beyond competency in the subject matter and pay roughly $10 hourly. The district also employs multiple non-educator technical or manual positions, including an army of crossing guards, maintenance technicians, janitors, and mechanics. These positions vary slightly in their pay grade and qualifications, but a crossing guard typically makes $10 hourly and requires no qualifications whereas a certified technician can make anywhere from $15 to $20 hourly. Teaching positions with the Houston Independent School District start at a minimum of $40,000 annually with guaranteed increases every year. An experienced teacher can make over $80,000 annually with the HISD. Administrative positions in the district require a Master’s in teaching or higher and generally start around $70,000 annually.

Benefits and Employee Satisfaction

One of the best things about the Houston Independent School District is its teacher certification program, which allowed student teachers from local universities to earn a salary while also getting their teaching certificate for Texas and a potential job offer when they graduate. Employees of the HISD generally report high levels of job satisfaction. Several commented on the aforementioned administrative disputes that sent ripples through the district, but all reported enjoying working with students and generally appreciating the benefits packages available to full-time employees.

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