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The Houston Methodist hospital system is the primary healthcare system in the city of Houston, Texas. The flagship hospital near downtown Houston was founded in 1919 by the Methodist Church during the height of the Spanish flu epidemic. Currently, the healthcare system spans seven different community care hospitals, one continuing care facility, and several emergency clinics and other affiliated clinics in the Houston area. Keep reading…

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Houston Methodist is also associated with the Texas Medical Center, which is also a hub of health research and development, as well as two different medical schools: the Weill Cornell Medical College and the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. It is ranked as one of the 50 Best Hospitals in America and has received numerous accolades for its excellence in nursing and surgical procedures. Currently, it is one of the largest employers in Houston with over 20,000 staff and over 5,500 physicians.

Typical Positions

Within any medical facility, there are an enormous variety of positions available, ranging from care attendants all the way up to physicians and administrators. Houston Methodist also employs many non-medical positions partially because of its size and the sheer breadth of services it offers. For example, non-medical clerical positions through Houston Methodist include admitting representatives and a variety of data management and analysis roles. These positions typically require less than a bachelor’s degree to qualify and pay anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 annually to start.

Houston Methodist also offers plenty of medically oriented positions that do not require an immense amount of schooling or certification. These include a variety of technician positions, such as anesthesia technicians, and EMT or transport assistants. These positions typically require a high school diploma and relevant certifications, making roughly the same about as the previously mentioned clerical positions. More intensive medical roles, ranging from certified nursing assistants up to physicians and surgeons require substantially more schooling and certification, anywhere from four to ten years in addition to experience. These positions vary greatly in income, but an RN typically makes over $70,000 annually and physicians, surgeons, and administrators always make well over $100,000 and often over $200,000 annually, depending on their particular role and experience.

Benefits and Feedback

Employees of Houston Methodist at all levels report high levels of job satisfaction, which is common among employees in medical professions or associated with medical facilities. Not only do they report the feeling of “making a difference” but Houston Methodist does a particularly good job of offering opportunities for advancement, particularly for medical students and those earning certifications. Finally, Houston Methodist has an excellent benefits package for all of its full-time employees, complete with healthcare, dental, and vision coverage as well as a flexible retirement plan and programs for financial literacy available to employees.

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