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If you are searching for a position in the Baltimore area, you may want to use a temp agency to find it, especially if you just need to find a temporary job until you find the permanent position you want. Keep reading…

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About Baltimore Temp Agency Jobs

A temp agency can help a job seeker in so many ways. Once you submit your resume to the temp agency, they will keep it on file. If a position comes through the temp agency and you meet the minimum qualifications, they will contact you to come in for an interview. Once the interview is over, you may be offered the temp position and further arrangements can be made at that time.

Other Benefits

A temp agency can help an individual to gain exposure to other companies who may need to hire someone with similar talent, helps the job seeker make contact so that after the temp job is up, the company may call on you for future employment, the temp job may transfer over to permanent and you will be the one they choose to fill the position, and you not only gain new skills for a job but you also have flexibility knowing that you can do something different after your temp job is over if you didn’t like working there.

How it Works

A temp agency searches for potential workers for a company that may need to fill a position for a short time, such as an employee going on maternity leave. The company will contact the temp agency, describe the position, and include the requirements needed to work, and then the temp agency goes to work for that company to advertise the position, sort through resumes, interview, and then train the new employee or make arrangements for training the new hire.

The company will agree to pay the temp agency a flat rate to find the individual to fill the position on a temp basis. They will also sometimes be in charge of payroll for that employer as well as handling any benefits the individual may qualify for.

Temp Agencies in Baltimore

HireQuest Direct of Baltimore – North

2330 N. Howard St. Front, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 – Phone: 410-235-8905


SND Staffing Baltimore Office

523 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland 21231 – Phone: 443-438-7080


Kennedy Services

829 E. Baltimore St, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 – Phone: 410-659-5300



Using a temp agency is going to save you time and create an outlet to generate potential positions that could end up being the best job you ever worked. In addition, you gain exposure to every potential job you qualify for whether it is part time, full time, permanent, or temporary.

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