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The City of Indianapolis (Indy) is the capital of Indianapolis. Made up of 11 counties, the region is expected to climb in population growth from 1.9 Million to 2.5 Million in the next 20 years. The growth is expected to be in more Metropolitan areas of the city due to a strong job market that will continue to grow. Keep reading…

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Indy is the best tech hub in the region. The city of Indianapolis makes up more than 70% of the total tech jobs making its career opportunities unique and of quality. As more and more tech giants begin to realize Indianapolis’s potential, like Salesforce already has, more jobs will come to the city making it a prime location to consider.

Indy offers affordable housing paired with exciting job growth in new areas making it a competitive location for new grads which have been moving into the city recently. A growing younger population means better, highly skilled jobs and sustained population growth. Furthermore, it increases demand for night life, restaurants, and other service sector jobs making the city even more vibrant.

Tech & Biosciences

Among the key industries already in Indianapolis like auto and transportation, there is a growing plethora of new, modern jobs within the spaces of Technology and Biosciences.

With more land to work with, Tech giants and startups have taken advantage of the space to build out data centers and different network infrastructure bringing with them the jobs to get it done. These projects allow the city of Indianapolis to be a location poised for new technologies such as 5G network speeds, cloud computing solutions, and many more. These opportunities in turn cause a rise in demand for new hires, newly grads and experienced individuals alike.

Examples of Tech in Indianapolis include Salesforce, with their 2nd biggest presence outside of San Francisco. With technology prospects come venture capital, which breed start-ups leading to more jobs. There are 47 venture capital firms according to CrunchBase data, with millions of dollars in funds for start-ups to expand.

In addition to tech is the cities unique location for Biosciences.

Indianapolis is the only U.S. City to have specialized concentrations in all five bioscience sectors:

  • Agricultural feedstock and chemicals
  • Bioscience-related distribution
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Research, testing and medical laboratories

A Vibrant City

Downtown Indianapolis offers many activities for residents in Industry and art, history and innovation, and night life. Eagle creek is countryside, rich with culture while the eastside offers neighborhood festivals, local eats and urban character. Amenities include:

  • The Indy 500 is the largest single-day sporting event in the world
  • Eagle Creek Park is one of the country’s largest municipal parks
  • The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is a unique, urban eight-mile trail connecting six cultural enclaves and nearly 200 restaurants and 50 attractions.


The city of Indianapolis is a growing metropolis with endless opportunities. With strong jobs, younger populations, highly-skilled workers, and affordable housing – make Indy your new home today.