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Non profit jobs are jobs that serve public interest and strive for the common good of the community.  Employees that work under such organizations work with a common goal; all profits made are pumped back into society. The employment rate, income level and employee’s reviews for non-profit jobs differ according to region. We’ll take a closer look at non profit jobs in DC and other related information. Keep reading…

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About DC Non Profit Jobs

Every other business venture’s goal is to make profits, pump it back into the business to make more profits. But nonprofit organizations have a mindset of impact, hence they are less concerned with profits. Non-profit jobs are very much available for hire, and they look for employees with the same mindedness of the company as a whole. In DC there are quite a number of nonprofit organizations. Employees that work in nonprofit organizations get paid contrary to the school of thought. The only difference is they might not be paid as much as when working for profit-based organizations. Other than that, they give similar benefits, health insurance and so on. Nonprofit jobs maybe full-time or part-time depending on the particular role.

Job Titles and Responsibilities

 Some non profit job titles are similar to other job titles, while some others are derived from the specific role or function of that job. Most nonprofit job titles may be given from:  management jobs, accounting/bookkeeping, human resources, and media/technology jobs. More specific job titles include executive director, data analyst, software engineer, counselor, compliance coordinator, financial aid representative, volunteer coordinator, social worker, pastor and so on.

Job Statistics

In DC, the income levels of non-profit jobs depend on the organization and the type of work, but generally income levels may range from $32,000 to $120,000 per annum. The nonprofit organization’s employment rate has grown over the years, especially in DC. The employment rate of non profit workers as of 2016 was 26% in DC. The nonprofit industry is one of such industries that suffer one of the highest turnover rates with a figure of about 14 % turnover pee year.

Employee Feedback

Employees who seek to pursue a career within the non profit industry seem to be happy and satisfied with their work. This is because their reason to work is not based on how much they earn rather on how much they can affect society. Some employees who work just to make a living are likely to be unsatisfied and may end up leaving when the right opportunity comes. Although, it is a general notion that nonprofit jobs are taxing and may require you to over-work which, may cause burnout.


Non-profit organizations in DC offer a lot of job openings for people who seek them out. Some employees fill up job slots because they want to make a living. In the event that better opportunities come, they’ll leave, hence the increase in turnover rates.