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Netflix Inc was established in 1997 and has quickly risen to be one of the leading video-streaming platforms in the world, leading the charge for other streaming services and remaining on the cutting edge of innovation. Keep reading…

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In 2020, Netflix reportedly had almost 200 million subscribers, 75 million of which reside in the United States. Its operating income is 1.2 billion dollars and its revenue tops 20 billion dollars in recent years. While it started as a simple video rental service, Netflix has in recent years expanded into the role of video production. In 2016 alone, the company produced 126 movies and series, more than any other network or production company that year.

It is currently the largest video platform by capital growth. In short, Netflix has an enormous economic role to play and does so out of one of its primary locations in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles headquarters is concerned with all of Netflix’s various endeavors but takes on a leading role with regard to its production efforts and the related promotional and legal services required to sustain the company. It’s LA headquarters is located near Hollywood and emphasizes the importance of a collaborative workspace.

Roles & Compensation

While the available positions at Netflix in LA are many and varied, they tend to demand a background in video production, business, or marketing or specialization in copyright law for the company’s legal department. A marketing manager position with Netflix, for example, requires over five years of relevant experience in the field and demonstrated success in exchange for an income of over $200,000 annually on average.

Other marketing positions have slightly lower requirements but still consistently make well over $100,000 annually. On the production side of the operation, a video editor with Netflix must demonstrate at least three years of relevant experience and makes anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 annually. The same is true for production managers, although salaries are slightly higher among employees working on animation productions because of the more specialized skill set required.

Legal department jobs for Netflix in LA require a minimum of two years of experience at the lowest level and involve work in drafting contracts, handing copywrite concerns and other miscellany for a starting salary of $100,000 annually. A senior legal counsel member, however, can make well over $200,000 annually which demonstrates the potential for growth and advancement at the company.

Employee Reviews

In general, Netflix employees at the LA headquarters report high levels of job satisfaction which is probably correlated with their generous salaries and a positive company culture. They report getting along well with their coworkers and a general feeling of collaboration, although not all employees feel quite as fulfilled by their jobs as they might hope which is relatively common in the entertainment industry or adjacent companies like Netflix. Still, the corporate arm of Netflix has a reputation for permitting creativity among their employees which keeps both the content they generate fresh, and their workers consistently content with their jobs.

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