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The City of Los Angeles, or LA, is the second most populous American city, bested only by New York City. With over four million residents, Los Angeles is best known for its booming entertainment industry but is also the largest manufacturing center in the country and plays a major role in the industries of fashion, technology, and international trade. Keep reading…

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Los Angeles is faced with the problem of having one of the largest wealth gaps in the country – the high cost of living in the city makes affording an apartment on minimum wage a particular challenge, meaning a sizable fraction of workers endure infamous LA traffic to commute to work every day. The city’s median household income is just over $60,000 annually but multiple sources indicate that is lower than what is often required annually to rent an apartment alone within the city limits.

In short, because of the city’s size varied economy, the City of Los Angeles is tasked with the mission to serve LA residents from all economic backgrounds. It has also committed to cultivating the city’s rich cultural makeup and ensuring access to education and other resources to all residents of the City of Angels. Thus, the city employs an immense number of people spanning over 20 different departments to serve the population and maintain the infrastructure of the city for a total of over 70,000 employees by most recent counts.

Typical Positions

There are an immense variety of roles available to those interested in working for the City of Los Angeles. At present, the majority of available positions involve some degree of manual labor and/or technical training because most administrative appointments are handled at the county level or are not available to external applicants. The largest departments are the public works and transportation departments primarily due to their role in maintaining the infrastructure of the city.

Ranking by salary alone, some of the most common lower-level positions include custodial staff, electricians, and construction workers. These positions generate anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 annual income and typically do not require substantial job experience but do require the necessary technical licenses to be certified within the state of California. In general, the more licensing required for a particular position, the higher the starting income is.

Other common jobs through the City of Los Angeles are working for the LA Police Department. Becoming an officer requires undergoing city-sanctioned training and evaluation for the duration of six to nine months. A police officer can make anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 annually with little to no prior experience.

Benefits and Reviews

While this survey does not capture the full breadth of positions available through the City of Los Angeles, these are the most common roles available to outside applicants and gives a sufficient profile of the salaries city employees make. Another perk of working for the City of Los Angeles is the benefits package employees receive, which covers health, vision, and dental insurance as well as a retirement and investment program. Employees cite salary and benefits as the best aspects of working for the city but also comment on a generally positive company culture among their peers and an overall comfortable work environment.

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