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Provided you have the required degree and have completed the required vocational qualifications, accounting jobs can be immensely rewarding and can provide a wide array of specializations as well as a variety of progression and promotion opportunities. Keep reading…

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About Dallas Accounting Jobs

Accountants are required to be organized, highly adaptable and dependable, as well as being excellent at communication. They do not only need to be good at the technical side of their positions but additionally excellent at managing clients or individuals in other areas of a company if they are working in-house. That said, depending on your skill, experience, and ideal vision for the job, accountants can take positions on both small- and large-scale projects and in small- and large-scale companies.

Types of Accounting Jobs

Being a staff accountant is by far the most well-known and easily attainable position as an accountant. Staff accountants can work both for accounting firms or in-house in the finance departments of companies of various scales. Another difference includes working in house for a private company as opposed to a government organization. Managing accounts payable and receivable, bookkeeping and creating and evaluating budgets are the most common duties for this type of role, depending on the responsibility level of the position. 

Tax accountants are similar to staff accountants, but they focus more on government run institutions and specifically advise on state regulation and the manner in which changing regulations can affect their specific clients. This kind of position involves a lot of ongoing research and keeping on top of changing legislation.

If you’re interested in an accounting position with more weight and responsibility, budget analysis might be for you. Budget analysts aid corporations, large and small, in creating and giving effect to budgets based on the specific aims and means of the business. You would be tracking incoming and outgoing spending and making and suggesting best practice decisions to maximize the capital that the company is producing. While budget analyst positions may be very rewarding, with clear incentives and ways of measuring success, they can also be very demanding roles, requiring advanced technical and communication skills.

Finally, if your interest lies in investigation then auditing, compliance or even forensic accounting positions are for you. From making sure that companies are complying with their reporting obligations to investigating books for fraudulent practices and testifying in court, these three different roles are tied together in that they focus on the regulatory aspects of finance which can make for very interesting and engaging day to day work.

Dallas Accounting Employers

The current top 5 accounting firms in Dallas include:

  • HWB Services
  • Goldin Peiser and Peiser, LLP
  • Campbell and Company PC
  • Montgomery Coscia Greilich LLP
  • Cornwell Jackson

There are as many as 1,500 accounting jobs available just in Dallas, making job hunting in this sector a worthwhile endeavor.

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