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After graduation and receiving a degree, certification, or diploma, fresh-faced job hunters are drawn to entry level jobs within their area of expertise. These jobs do not require previous experience within their subject area but often require some form of prior education or certification for new applicants. Keep reading…

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These jobs are a recent graduate’s first step into a career path and tend to be the way they establish professional connections. For a city laden with technical schools, there is no shortage of entry level positions available in Dallas, Texas.

Some of the highest paying entry-level positions can be found through the local government. A position as a transportation inspector or technician through the Department of Transportation requires only an associate degree and can make up to $60,000 as an entry-level job. Additionally, the local police department and correctional facilities offer well salaries entry-level positions that require less than two years of training and education.

Dallas is also a hotbed for commercial drivers license certified drivers hoping to get their start at a CDL company, with salaries that can start as high as $50,000 a year. Some notable CDL companies in the Dallas area include Averitt and ACT, both of which are known for having competitive benefits packages and plenty of opportunity for career growth.

The health care industry is also an excellent field for entry-level applicants to break into if they have the correct certification and training. Some medical technician and pharmacy technician positions require less than a four-year degree and can have starting salaries of $60,000 a year or higher. According to current health care professionals, some of the best health care companies to work for in the Dallas area are Supplemental Health Care, One Source Medical Solutions Inc., and Anthello Healthcare Inc. All three offer excellent employee benefits and salaries at all levels and for all positions.

Finally, one of the most common entry level positions in any city are sales positions. These positions require only a two-year degree and offer salaries that typically start around $40,000 annually to $60,000 annually. As with most sales positions, these salaries can be increased if a company pays based off commissions. Some notable Dallas companies hiring for sales positions are Benchmark Group of Companies and the New England Social Media Agency.

If sales isn’t your style but you’re still interested in the stability that a marketing job offers, a position as an account manager or at an insurance company offers similar benefits for the same education level without a salary based off of commission. Notable companies hiring for entry level candidates in these positions in Dallas include Welch Allyn and WNC Insurance Services, both including starting salaries and full-time benefits over $40,000 annually.

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