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Entry-level positions are jobs in a particular professional field that require no or very little work experience and instead offer new applicants the ability to gain work experience while on the job. These are distinct from part-time work in that they are usually within a particular industry and require a particular level of education to qualify for but are intended to offer further training and experience on the job without high expectations of expertise. Keep reading…

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About Houston Entry Level Jobs

The companies we evaluated are some of the largest employers for entry-level applicants and generally provided ample opportunity for training, job growth, and advancement. At the moment, entry-level positions in most places around the country are sparser than usual because many companies have had to downsize their staffs, however as Houston works towards economic recovery we can expect to see an uptick in the number of available entry-level roles.

Employers and Positions

Currently, there are fewer than 1000 available entry-level positions to applicants in the Houston area. This is partially due to the current economic state of the city because of the pandemic and partially due to the fact that most entry-level positions are achieved through connections and professional programs achieved during school or a training program. For example, Rice University is hiring over 50 research fellows in fields related to chemistry, engineering, and biology with bachelor’s degree qualifications, but these positions are generally reserved for students already associated with the university. Still, these kinds of hands-on research opportunities are some of the best career preparation for recent graduates. Houston Methodist also hires for an abundance of entry-level positions, but these hires are usually made through nursing training programs or from residents still in medical school. Financial and marketing agencies also commonly recruit interns and entry-level applicants from colleges in the area, offering the potential for a future position at the company. The same is true for the tech industry, but all three of these sectors have seen a steep decrease in hiring in the Houston area so there are very few publicly posted positions in these sectors.

Compensation and Satisfaction

Entry-level workers can expect to make anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000 annually, depending on their particular sector. Many entry-level employers assume that their new employees are still in school or in a training period, so they feel comfortable paying them less. Entry-level employees also report feeling exploited at higher rates than experienced workers, likely due to the fact that they get stuck with less appealing tasks because of their junior status. Still, most entry-level workers recognize this challenge as a rite of passage into their particular industry and see an increase in salary within a couple of years or less.

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