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Job seekers are turning to staffing agencies for employment at higher rates than preceding years as they struggle to find steady employment in the midst of a pandemic. A similar pattern was evident during the 2008 recession, where high rates of unemployment drove staffing agency applications up almost 150%. Keep reading…

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Staffing agencies, sometimes also referred to as temp agencies, are centralized companies that higher many qualified applicants to have “on-call” for when other companies contact them in need of their services. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, staffing agencies are sometimes more specialized and may hire applicants with more specialized skills than temp agencies. Some major staffing agencies in the Houston area are Frontline Staffing, TPI staffing, and Burnette Specialists. All threw companies have the distinction of hiring for specialized roles rather than general skills, meaning they contract out more qualified and specialized applicants to positions of all levels and experiences.

How it Works

Staffing agencies operate by hiring multiple qualified employees and sending them out to work for businesses with temporarily vacant positions. Businesses typically use staffing agencies during holiday seasons or when a regular employee is out sick or on vacation. Staffing agency jobs can be as briefs as a few days or as long as several months. Staffing agencies make a profit by charging businesses a premium for their hiring services and, occasionally, taking a percentage of employee income as payment for connecting them with work. They can hire for generalized or specific qualifications, ranging from general office work duties to accounting or marketing roles. As a result, staffing agency salaries vary greatly, from as little as $15 hourly to double or triple that if an employee is filling a more specialized role.

Pros and Cons

Staffing agencies typically offer their employees insurance benefits, although part-time employees are relatively common at these agencies which means they do not qualify for benefits packages. Other advantages of staffing agencies include the potential for long term employment if a business decides to hire an agency worker on full-time, as well as networking opportunities. The primary downside to staffing agencies is the lack of predictability. Employees must be ready to fill positions at a moment’s notice and may be working at an entirely different company one week to the next which makes staffing agency positions difficult to maintain for the long term.

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