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Working at the University of California is a great way to make a long-term career in the field that you love. Positions are always available when it comes to universities and the variety of positions is broad enough, from entry level to professor. Keep reading…

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About UC San Diego Jobs

UC San Diego offers employees many different perks that can make a difference in how you view these jobs. You can work for the campus or you can work in health care which provides first aid, vaccinations, wellness visits, and more to the students that are enrolled. Some campus positions can include professors, teachers, and administration.

Hiring Process

The hiring process for the campus is longer than the standard hiring process for other jobs because they want to ensure that you are the right fit, and you are dedicated to your position. You can first start the process by going online to their website and creating a profile. This profile will be how you communicate with your interviewer and if you are qualified, they will offer an interview to be scheduled through the portal.

Once you create your profile, you can search for a job by clicking at the top right corner of the website and use a keyword to help search for a position that you are qualified for. Once you type in your position, you click enter and you will be directed to another page that will list the available jobs and a description of each.

If you prefer to search for a job before creating a profile, you can look through the available positions by going to UC San Diego’s home page and almost at the top of the page you will find three different areas that you can click on; new jobs, campus jobs, and health jobs.

Typical Positions

Because the campus is so broad, they hire a variety of positions that include some of the following:

  • Administration – Handling anything from phone calls, scheduling appointments, and managing files to being in charge of campus payroll for all the professionals who are employed there.
  • Development Fundraising – The campus receives funding through a variety of outlets, one of which is fundraising. While fundraising ultimately puts money into the campus, it also makes provides for functions and events to perpetuate the culture and atmoshphere of the school.
  • Facilities Maintenance – Every building needs a professional to manage it. UC San Diego is large in size and facilities maintenance takes a lot of organization and planning to keep it functioning at its best. You must also be ready for an emergency should one arise.
  • Food Service – No matter who you are, you need to eat, and students are the same way. Food service can offer hot and cold breakfast, lunches, snacks, drinks, vending machines, and more.


Once you create your profile on their website, you will have access to all the jobs available as they come in. You can always stay on top of the job market no matter where you are. The job market is growing, and UC San Diego is known as an enjoyable place to work.

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