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Have you ever wondered what BAE System jobs are available in San Diego? You may find a new career with BAE Systems doing something that you like and look forward to each day. BAE Systems designs, upgrades, manufactures, and supports vehicles for combat and provides ammunition, artillery systems, precision munitions, and missile launchers to the defense industry. Keep reading…

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About San Diego BAE Sytems Jobs

Working for BAE Systems you’ll get a sense of pride, freedom, and security by working to make the world feel a little bit safer. New and developing military capabilities are constantly on the horizon and companies like BAE are making them a reality. With your expertise and the training provided, you’ll be able to provide your customers leading edge defense technology.

Typical Positions

Engineering and Technology Roles

In these positions, a position like production engineer can join the ranks of the Intelligence Carry on Program. If you are hired as an engineer, prepare for a fast-paced work day filled with testing, development, and production. You will perform a variety of tasks including software integration and testing, hardware troubleshooting, and help desk support.

Mechanical Inspectors

In this role you will be the person that performs in-process type inspections and places final acceptance on complex components. The materials needing inspection are the foundational components used to produce the final products for shipment. Materials you will inspect include raw materials, mechanical parts, and castings and forgings.

Customer Support Technician

This position will have you responsible for a variety of things that include responding to requests for technical assistance either electronically, by phone, or in person. You will also be responsible for diagnosing and resolving software and hardware issues, helping users by advising them on necessary corrective actions to be taken. You will also need to log all interactions via the help desk.

Ratings and Compensation

The company has received a rating of 3.8 stars over 4.1k reviews.

System administrators can average over $101,000 per year. Senior Network Engineer can average over $165,000 per year. Project Engineer’s yearly pay averages about $138,000.

With BAE systems, the average hourly wage for a position like Fire Watch is $10.00 per hour while System Engineers average about $50.00 per hour.

Positive feedback mentions company perks such as a large kitchen, good pay, and flexible schedules.

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