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A staffing agency is a great asset to an already overloaded hiring manager who has the responsibility to find someone for a position. Staffing agencies are equally helpful to a job seeker in finding available jobs that align with their personal goals at the time. The agency will take the job seekers information and run it through their systems to see if it matches anything they have on file with their employer clients. If they have a matching job, they will contact the prospect and set up an interview with the company. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Staffing Agency Jobs

There are many reasons to choose a staffing agency to find your next job

Here are the top three reasons:

  1. Staffing agencies do the work for you – Searching for a job can be very overwhelming. There are so many places to search and positions that could work but not necessarily a 100% match to your skill sets. The staffing agency does the search for you. They go online and view listings, they have businesses contact them letting them know what they are looking for, and they make the initial connection.
  2. They have access to multiple jobs that you may not – When a business contacts them for a position that needs to be filled, they may tell the staffing agency that they need two people but they only post for one person. That is so they get sincere individuals that are really interested in the available opportunity. They need this criteria to be met so they can find a dedicated employee.
  3. They can match you better to a job – When you do your own search for a job, you may overlook many opportunities that would otherwise be great for you. The staffing agency can break down your skill set and fit you with a job that works well with your demeanor.

Are They Just Administrative Jobs?

Many people are under the impression that these staffing agencies are filled with open secretarial jobs and administrative jobs that no one else wants. This is simply not the case. Staffing agencies work with companies all around the area to find professional help in areas ranging from auto mechanics to engineering. They work with major factories in the area to find job openings and they work with local hospitals and medical businesses to find qualified candidates.

 Types of Positions

There are three types of jobs to consider: temporary, temp to permanent, and permanent.

Temp Jobs

These include jobs that have a certain number of days or weeks to fill for a short period of time to keep the business going. An example of a temp job is someone who works full time takes a medical leave in order to have hip surgery. They will be out for six weeks. The staffing agency will try to find an employee to fill in for those six weeks. After the six weeks, there is an understanding that your position will end.

Temp to Permanent Jobs

These positions are available to those who are hired to help with a busy season, such as Christmas. Once the job has slowed down, the individual can then be let go or offered a permanent job if one is available.

Permanent Jobs

These are jobs that look for employees to hire and will stay on permanently


Using a staffing agency can be very beneficial for the right person, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed with your job search and need help finding something in a relatively immediate time frame.

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