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Finding a position within the city of Portland can seem overwhelming when it’s really not bad at all. The city recruits, hires, trains, and promotes within before offering the job outside of the city staff. A city position could be in law enforcement, first responder, utility, or even positions within the courthouse such as county clerk or assessor. When a position becomes available, they can be filled fairly quick so if you find a job that you may be interested in, you will want to apply as quickly as possible. Keep reading…

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About City of Portland Jobs

There are three ways that you can search for a position in the city; attend a job fair, search online in the city website, or search through online job boards.

If you are able to attend a job fair, this would be the best way to find out things you need to know about possible positions. While at the job fair, you can inquire about benefits, ask questions, submit your resume, and more. This is the ideal time to meet face to face with those who may actually be doing the hiring or have some input as to how you can apply for the positions that are opened.

The city maintains a website that you can access anytime in order to find a job that may be available. You can find available positions at . Here you can find out the benefits offered, a list of full time and part time positions available, and intern positions that may be available as well.

Online job boards are growing in popularity. When a company has a position available, they will advertise it online through these job boards because the realize the amount of traffic that comes to these websites on a daily basis. These job boards include and .

Benefits of Working for the City

Many people who accept a job in the city will appreciate the benefits that come with it.

These benefits include:

  • Health insurance, vision, and dental without the waiting period
  • Paid accumulative vacation and sick days
  • 401k and other retirement
  • Paid holidays

Example Positions

Positions you may see available include:

Parks and Recreation – $25 to $29 per hour – Full Time

In this position, you will work to maintain the grounds at all parks and recreational areas. Job duties include irrigation maintenance, restroom facility maintenance, general maintenance, equipment maintenance.

Electrician – $38 per hour – Full Time

In this position, you will be responsible for general electrical maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, and more. You will be responsible for keeping your license current. You will be issued tools and uniforms for this position.


Working for the city has its advantages. If you are looking for a job that you can make a career out of with entry level positions available to start, then the city is the place to start.

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