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Finding a job in Portland can be easy when you narrow down your search and focus on what you want to do. If you want to change your career and do something different, you may want to consider looking for Portland college jobs. College jobs are sometimes entry level giving you the opportunity to get on with a good company and eventually work your way up to the position you want. Keep reading…

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About Portland College Jobs

Working for a college also offers you additional ways to get the education you never went back and got because you could either not afford it or you didn’t have time. You are there all day long so you will have the opportunity to take classes along the way.

Example Positions

Outreach Coordinator – Part Time / Contract

In this position, the coordinator will manage a scholarship program, providing both support and encouragement for those who want to apply. You will help to educate students about the program and recruit between 15-20 high school students who may be interested in applying.

Assistant Director of First Year Experience – Full Time with Benefits

In this position, you will be responsible for developing programs, implementing the programs, managing other programs and services essential for the academic success of first year students

Campus Representative – Full Time

In this position, the representative will be in charge of creating and hosting events for student organization partnerships as well as networking events. You will encourage students to apply for a chance to win sweepstakes and use social media to promote.

Employee Feedback

With over 218 reviews, Portland college jobs were given a 4.2-star review on average.

There are both pros and cons mentioned in reviews which consisted of:

Pros – There is room to grow within, good working environment, good team effort in departments.

Cons – Many jobs are contracted and non-renewable so as soon as you get used to something, it’s reached its deadline.

Other ratings included in reviews were:

  • Work and balance life – 4.2 stars
  • Compensation and benefits – 3.6 stars
  • Job security and advancement – 3.5 stars
  • Management – 3.8 stars
  • Culture – 4.0 stars

Former employees of Portland colleges did not have many cons to add to their reviews of the colleges they worked for.


Benefits offered to full and some part time positions include:

  • Medical, prescription, dental, and vision
  • Flex spending accounts and health savings account
  • Employee assistance program
  • Opt out incentive
  • Paid holidays


No matter what position you accept in Portland College, you will be able to show off your skill set and rise up through the years until the position you retire on is the one you wanted all along.

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