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The only economic sector to actually experience growth during the pandemic was the healthcare industry, with hospitals scrambling to hire new staff to meet the increasing patient demands and struggling to adapt their existing structures to the new playing field of a global pandemic. Keep reading…

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The jobs in highest demand, in the United States as well as the world at large, are nursing positions. The World Health Organization even reported a global shortage of nurses, exacerbated by the grim realities of the coronavirus. As a result, hospitals continue to compete for the limited supply of registered nurses in the country, offering extremely favorable signing bonuses and raising salaries for existing nursing staff. Dallas, Texas is no different, with over 1000 RN jobs currently available at the city’s variety of hospitals and healthcare service centers and most promising some form of sign-on bonuses.

While over half of RN positions are found in hospitals, 40% are also distributed through a variety of other care and clinic settings including eldercare, hospice, or specialized positions in pediatric or emergency care. To become a Registered Nurse, one must graduate from an accredited nursing program. These can take the form of dedicated nursing schools, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the path they choose, RN’s can graduate from a nursing program in less than two years.

After graduation, they must pass the NCLEX-RN exam and obtain a state license wherever they choose to work. Most RN jobs pay over $34 hourly or an annual salary of $60,000, although some entry-level positions can be slightly less depending on the complexity of the position and the employer. An RN can rapidly increase their salary through gaining not only work experience but additional certifications or specializations in a wide variety of medical sectors including neonatal, surgical, and emergency nursing licenses. These additional certifications permit access to higher-level jobs and higher salaries, often approaching $80,000 or more annually.

The city of Dallas features multiple hospitals the comprise the largest RN employers in the city. These hospitals include the Parkland Health and Hospital System, Baylor Scott and White Health, and Medical City Heart and Spine Hospitals, each of which currently has over 100 currently available job openings for prospective RNs. More specialized clinical or home health employers in Dallas include DaVita dialysis care, KidsCare Home Health, and Texas Oncology, all of which have multiple specialized RN positions currently available.

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