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If you earned a degree as a pharmacist, it’s now time to find a job and launch your career. Living in San Diego has many advantages including the opportunity to consider a variety of industries and employers to pursue. Pharmacist jobs are growing in demand and now is a perhaps the best time to get started in your career. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Pharmacist Jobs

Pharmacists have the responsibility of filling prescriptions, dispensing medications over the counter, and answering questions from patient’s who may be concerned about a certain drug. Pharmacists can work in hospital pharmacies, clinics, and stand-alone pharmacies. They also work for pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and laboratories.


A pharmacist must pay careful and close attention to the medications he or she fills for a patient. While filling a prescription, it’s up to the pharmacists to ensure that the patient taking the medication is not already taking medications that work against the new medications, potentially causing an allergic or adverse reaction. A pharmacist will work with customers, pharmacy staff, medical professionals, and of course medical suppliers.

Types of Pharmacists

In general pharmacists make an average of $52.50 per hour. His or her job skills include filling prescriptions from doctors and other medical professionals, ordering and stocking medications as needed and organizing them on the shelves of the pharmacy. The pharmacist is also in charge of maintaining records of their patients.

Chemotherapy Pharmacist

Chemotherapy Pharmacist can make around $52.00 per hour. The duties of a chemotherapy pharmacists include preparing and dispensing the chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer. The pharmacist first assesses the quality of the drugs being used and studies up on it to determine how effect the drug really is for treating cancer in patients and being knowledgeable of any side effects.

Nuclear Pharmacist

A nuclear pharmacist can average about $52.00 per hour. They are responsible for preparing the drug, testing it, and dispensing the drugs needed for diagnosing and treating cancers and other diseases. A nuclear pharmacist is also responsible for managing procedures in the lab, testing equipment during the production of drugs, supervising, handling, packing, and overseeing the delivery of Radiopharmaceuticals.

Long-Term Care Pharmacist

A long-term care pharmacist can make an average of $54.00 per hour. Working in a long-term care facility, collaborating with physicians as well as nurses and other medical personnel to provide medications to patients at any time necessary. They evaluate patient health, update patient medication information in a database that is monitored by the pharmacists.


Finding a job as a pharmacist in San Diego is not going to be difficult because pharmacists are in high demand. One quick tip that’s always important to hear – be sure to update your resume before you begin your search.

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