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Accenture was founded back in 1989 at Hamilton, Bermuda as a technology and business consulting firm. But since then it has grown massively and now has presence in multiple countries all over the world due to the rapid success all of its franchises have seen. Accenture is now one of the biggest multinational firms in the world that offers consulting services and it is also present in Austin. Keep reading…

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About Austin Accenture Jobs

Accenture boasts quite an extensive list of services that they offer for clients. Since a consulting firm’s objectives can be very broad, which basically means that they are not limited to one industry, Accenture manages to deliver for clients in need on all these fronts. Accenture specializes in creating and boosting innovation for organizations so that they are able to reach their true potential with the tools they already have or new ones that show up with the ever-changing and ever-progressing world.

This is what it means to be a successful consulting agency. Aside from their excellent consulting services, they also offer highly efficient services when it comes to technology, from software engineering to cloud services. They also specialize in assistance in the form of workforce in any designated department whether it is accounting, finance or something else. The quality of the services that Accenture provides speaks for itself with huge numbers and profits associated with the company and it keeps growing as well.

Austin Offices

Quite recently, Accenture has moved its office location in Austin to a very grand building on one of the prominent streets of Austin; Congress Avenue. The building that they have leased in its entirety for Accenture operations has quite a bit of historic importance as well as it is the McKean-Eilers Building.

Size & Culture

The reason that Accenture has moved to such a giant building is also because the number of employees they have is huge. Currently, in their Austin branch, they have a total of 3,500 employees under their contract. Aside from that, they have a total of 506,000 employees all over the world working in any of the 120 countries that Austin has presence in. As Accenture provides a large number of services, jobs available at Accenture range from work in the strategy department to the finance to the marketing department. Their employees serve in all kinds of diverse roles and capacities due to the diverse culture at Accenture.

Employee Feedback

Accenture is highly praised by employees who have worked there and continue to do so, in all aspects as an employer. Experienced employees have reported Accenture as a workplace as being dynamic & fast-paced yet eco-friendly and sustainable at the same time. They have also mentioned that Accenture genuinely cares about the clients as well as the environment, which makes employees feel like they are making a positive change. Aside from this, they also offer generous employee benefits that make them feel appreciated and their efforts worth it.

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