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The University of Texas was founded in 1883 as a public institution. It is located in Austin, the capital city of Texas, and is just a four minutes’ drive from the city downtown. The University of Texas is one of the largest schools in the USA. The campus measures around 437 acres with a student body of the strength 51,090 in fall 2019. It is often considered to be a “Public Ivy” due to its academic excellence and the on-campus experience offered to students. Keep reading…

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About UT Austin Jobs

The University of Texas offers quality education and that would be impossible without highly qualified staff. As an employee of the University of Texas, you get several benefits such as insurance, paid vacation for staff (terms applied), paid holidays time off, and paid sick leave. UT also offers retirement programs to their employees and many other perks.

Academic UT Austin Jobs

First-class education requires a team that can take charge of providing it. UT Austin jobs that you can apply for include:

  • Academic staff
  • Librarian positions
  • Faculty members

In an academic role, you are expected to do research work and fulfill some administrative duties while teaching. You can find employment as an assistant professor or professor in either undergraduate or post-graduate programs available in UT. Employees in senior positions are also expected to publish work and take a lead role in developing educational methods.

The University of Texas has diverse areas of study ranging from liberal arts, law, to medical, architecture, and business. Hence, opportunities for employment are vast.

Administrative Staff Positions

Staff members at the University of Texas will be the ones who counsel, guide, and advise students, faculty and prospective students in UT. There are also accounting jobs offered in this category that manage university finances.

You may work as an academic advisor. This requires you to have strong communication skills to be able to advise students about their academics, future plans, and help them in choosing a relevant major for their degree among many other things. You may also counsel them about future career prospects.

As academic program specialists, you’ll be performing administrative tasks under the program departments. You may provide relevant services in undergraduate or graduate departments of the university. As an academic program specialist, you’ll be solving any queries students, alumni, faculty, or prospective students have regarding courses and program enrollment.

Other jobs include administrative clerks, jobs in the admission teams, advertising and sales positions, and many more.

Employee Ratings/Reviews

Previous and current employees at the University of Texas can vouch for the friendly work environment that it has to offer. Given the security offered for long term employment, it can be a great place for you. Are you looking for jobs from this employer? You’re in the right place. Let us help you make a career at the University of Texas in Austin.

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