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There are many times that a chef is needed in order to fill a position. Restaurant owners will hire a chef when they need to expand their menu, try new recipes, or if they need a new leader within their restaurant in order to work in harmony and ultimately please the customers who eat. Sometimes a chef is needed to oversee a new vision the owner may have for their restaurant. Keep reading…

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About Boston Chef Jobs

When a chef position is available, the restaurant owner will begin the process of finding the right person for the job. The pay rate for a chef can range from $7.35 per hour to $33.00 per hour, depending on their past experience and/or the menu they will be preparing as well as other duties they will be responsible for.

Full-Time or Freelance

The most typical type of chef for a full-time position is a private chef or a restaurant chef. A private chef is normally only employed by one client. They will prepare all meals that is ordered on the menu. You can find a private chef at private facilities, such as in homes or small organizations. A restaurant chef works for a restaurant on a full-time bases and provides their cooking skills every shift.

Skills that a Chef will Need

A chef will bring their own creativity to every dish so it’s important that a restaurant give the chef a range that he or she can be that creative person. Here are a few skills that a restaurant may be looking for in their next chef:

  • Degree – You may need to have an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts in order to work as a chef.
  • Experience – You may need to have experience working in a full-service restaurant with high volume.
  • Management – you may need to have some degree of management experience in order to manage the restaurant staff currently working. This may include hiring as well as training new staff.
  • Moderate Fitness – You may be on your feet for almost all of your shift.
  • Flexibility – When something isn’t working, you need to be able to make changes in order to fix it.
  • POS Systems – most restaurants today use a POS, or point of sale, system for controlling inventory as well as ringing up customers. As a chef, you will need to be familiar with at least the basics of POS.

Chef Jobs in Boston

Executive Chef for Patrice & Associates

Some duties that you will be responsible for include planning food preparation and assign all staff to help, modify the menu and create new menus as needed, estimate food requirements and order, supervise the kitchen staff, and more.

Research and Development Chef for Chew Innovation

In this position, you will use your expertise to complete projects that are assigned. You will participate in the development of new products, keep records of all tests performed and analyze the results, and more.


Being a chef is a rewarding career. You can use your talent, experience, and expertise to create a masterpiece with every dish.

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