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Many people are confused, and they are putting an equal sign between volunteering and working in a non-profit sector. But that is not entirely correct, and we will now explain what the difference is. The fact is that the state law that governs the nonprofit incorporation and the IRS that is in charge of regulates the tax-exempt status are allowing a nonprofit to pay reasonable salaries to selected professions. So, for example, the officers, the employees, and some other professions can be released from taxation. So, to the big part of the nonprofits, there is an option to have paid staff. Keep reading…

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So, working in the non-profit sector doesn’t mean that you will be doing “for free” and being exploited. The situation is the opposite- you can earn a good salary while working in the non-profit area.

Example Positions

At the moment, in the Boston, Massachusetts area there are more than 2,600 opened non-profit positions. For example, right now, Boston Centre for the Arts is looking for a Membership Manager, but also, there is an open position for Gallery Attendant. Ceres, Inc. is looking for an Assistant, and there is also an open position at Shriners Hospitals for Children- they are looking for an Accounts Payable Specialist.

The Nature Conservancy is looking for an Executive Assistant/Trustee Liaison and the American Heart Association has an open position for the Development Consultant. As you can see, at the moment, you can find many different open positions, in the non-profit sector. 


Regarding the salary in the non-profit sector, we must say that the salary also varies, depending on the organization, and of course, depending on the job type. The average salary in the non-profit sector is around $50,000, but, as we already mentioned this amount varies. While being involved in the non-profit sector, you can expect to be paid from $32,000 up to $70,000.

Job Types

Most of the non-profit jobs in Boston, Massachusetts are demanding a certain level of education from the candidates, and some of them are demanding previous working experience in a selected area. You can find two types of non-profit jobs in Boston, Massachusetts at the moment- the ones that are requiring candidates for full time, and the ones that are requiring candidates that will work only a few hours a day. But a common theme with both of the types is that they are both giving more than decent conditions for the candidates.

Employee Feedback

According to the people who had the experience working in the non-profit sector, the experiences are different, and they vary from one organization to the other. But a common thing for the ones who have been doing non-profit jobs is that this type of job can help you meet new people in different areas.

While working in non-profit organizations, most of the people are experiencing feeling good about themselves because they are aware of the fact that while they are working there, they are helping the others who are in need. It is a chance to learn new things, to progress in your career, to earn a decent amount of money and maybe the best thing- to help others while you are achieving the mentioned things.

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