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If you want to find a job in healthcare while living in Boston, you are going to love how simple it will be to find the job that is right for you. Healthcare careers are continuously in demand and to find a job you like is easy to do because there are so many fields that you can consider. Keep reading…

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About Boston Hospital Jobs

Before you begin your search for hospital jobs in Boston, you will need to consider what you are most interested in. You can work directly with patients, work administrative, you can work in food service, or you can specialize in certain departments such as laboratory, radiology, cardiac, and more.

Hospitals are always open so you can choose the hours you want to work based on what works for you and your family. If you have small children at home, if you are a caregiver for someone at home, or you are going to school, then you may want to consider working nights and /or weekends at the hospital.

Jobs Available at a Hospital in Boston

There are several hospitals in Boston to work in. You can work in a specialized hospital, such as a women’s and children’s hospital or you can work in a general hospital. Here are some jobs that are available in different hospitals in Boston:

Food Service Work – Customer Service Rep

In this position, you would be responsible for helping to prepare food for every patient within the hospital based on their diet as ordered by the physicians. You will also be responsible for preparing and serving hospital staff as well as guests who come in to visit and eat. You will be responsible for handling payments as well as basic accounting. You must be courteous and respectful at all times.

Patient Experience Rep – Boston Children’s Hospital

In this role, you will be responsible for greeting visitors and handling admissions. You will collect information, verify insurance coverage, and record all information in chart. You will also be responsible for ensuring all information is uploaded to every department’s computer system as quickly as possible. You will answer phones, screen calls, and route the information to the right department. You will provide support to each unit to ensure that all information on the patient is accurate and bedside information is correct.

Patient Care Associate – All Shifts Available

Perform direct patient care as directed by a physician or nurse. You will collect specimens, perform record keeping, and communicate with your nursing supervisor. You may transport patients or accompany patients for tests within the hospital. You will assist patient in learning new skills or how to adjust to new diagnosis. You will document all care that you perform, update patient performance, and be a part of a nursing team that gets the patient healthier and discharged to go home.


Working a hospital job in Boston is going to be rewarding and you will be proud to be a part of the team that wants what is best for every patient you take care of.

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