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As a pharmacist, you have a duty to administer drugs to patients in a safe manner. Your duties go further than just measuring the right number of drugs to pour inside the pill containers. As a pharmacist, you are also responsible for getting to know each and every one of your patients so you can stop any prescriptions that come through that could cause an allergic reaction or a medicine that may weak the patients current state of health. With a pharmacist degree comes a mountain of responsibility and you have been trained for it. Because pharmacists’ positions are in demand and will continue to be in demand due to the increase in health care, it won’t be too hard to find a job that you like doing. Keep reading…

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Once you have a degree and you are ready to enter the work force, where do you look for a job?


There are pharmacies popping up everywhere; CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, Kroger, and more. The goal is convenience; if a pharmacy can be found inside of a grocery store, patients can shop for groceries while they wait on their prescriptions, saving time on the patient and boosting sales on the store.


Now that pharmacies are available online, Amazon has decided to join this new trend and create their own pharmacy within their warehouses. In order to fill prescriptions with the right medications, they hire pharmacists with a degree. In addition to a rewarding career, you will have access to medical, vision, and dental insurance.


Every hospital needs pharmacists to handle the medications used and dispensed within the hospital. From working on patients in the emergency room to comforting a dying patient on the floor, medications are necessary throughout.


Another place to look for a job is within a clinic. Physicians sometimes perform simple procedures within the office setting to improve the health of their patients. There is always a need for medications in a clinic setting. They give shots to patients as well as work with injuries that may need some type of medication to numb the pain.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing

There is high demand for pharmacists in this field. Because you know the details of all medications including any side effects and possible benefits of taking medications, if you have a natural interest in sales and marketing, you can combine that with your degree as a pharmacist and make money doing what you love to do. You will visit doctors, hospitals, clinics, and more to introduce and discuss medications.

Drug Research

There are many different drugs that are manufactured every single year. You will participate in research. Keep records and know what works and what don’t.


Because you are in charge of dispensing medications to a certain number of patients that trust you with their medicines, your position is in high demand and extremely important. From the beginning, you must be organized and prepared to read prescriptions and understand the writing of every doctor, so you don’t make a mistake.

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