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If you have a degree as a registered nurse, your possibilities are endless. You can find several different places to work and enjoy every day. In order to obtain a degree, you will need to go to college for a minimum of two years to achieve an associate degree in nursing. If you want to get a bachelor’s degree, you will spend another one to two years for that. You can also take an additional two to six years to specialize in a certain field, such as pediatrics. Keep reading…

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Now that you have your degree, it’s time to go to work. Where are you going to work at? Your possibilities are endless.

Here are a few suggestions of places that you can go to work:


You have probably been training in a hospital before you were issued a degree. That’s because you have to have so many clinical hours in a hospital setting in order to pass. A hospital offers a registered nurse so many different opportunities. You can work in the emergency room, surgical, pediatrics, geriatrics, OB/GYN, cardiac unit, Intensive Care Unit, and more. Each floor or department offers its own challenges and it’s important to be able to handle changes with each. Hospitals are open around the clock and need coverage for every minute.


If you like a simple schedule of Monday through Friday 8:00 – 5:00, then a clinic setting may be right for you. As an RN in a clinic setting, you will work with the physicians to provide patient care. You will screen patients, answer questions, perform certain tests, and work with physicians to perform simple procedures.

Home Health

As an RN in home health care, you are able to travel to the patient’s home and administer care for them in their home setting. You can perform certain tests, check vitals, make sure they have all medications, and communicate with the physician whenever necessary.

As an RN, you can work in a school clinic, government agencies such as a prison clinic, or you can work for a private physician’s office.

Job Search

Once you have graduated, you will want to get to work right away with your new degree. The first place to look for a job will depend on where you are the most interested in working at. If you don’t know where to start, you can start by viewing online job boards, such as www.indeed.com. There you can enter your position, RN, and the location you are most interested in, Detroit. The results will be all the jobs available in the Detroit area for an RN. It’s that easy. Once your resume is loaded onto the website, you will be able to apply for any job.


You have worked hard to earn your degree as an RN. Now is your time to find a job that is not only rewarding but it is exactly what you envisioned doing when you first started into the nursing course.

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