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With an unemployment rate of 13.9%, it is not that difficult to come across job opportunities for accountants. However, with the integration of technology within every sector of our life, computer software is replacing some of the functions that accountants perform. There is no need to fret, as you have come to the right place. Here is everything that you need to know to land an accounting job in New York City. Keep reading…

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To be the best, you have to work for the best, and when you shoot for the stars, you will, at least, reach the moon. So, here is all of the information that you will need regarding the major players. 


It was founded in the year 1989 and is now bringing in around $47.6 billion. Deloitte has been ranked as the top tax and accounting firm by Forbes in the entirety of the US. The best part is that its headquarters is located in New York City. It currently employs 330,000 workers, and they specifically look for a diverse set of employees. This is why they have been ranked number 27 for employee diversity in 2020. Deloitte’s product offerings include auditing, tax, and advisory services. 

Typical Positions

Once you enter into the world of accounting firms, you will find that the titles and descriptions are more or less the same. Your title will depend upon your specialization, such as cost accountant, auditor, project accountant, and so on. However, it is known that you will start off with a staff accountant, for which you will need from one to four years of experience within the field itself.

As for the job description, you, as an accountant, will have to perform tasks such as manage and monitor payrolls, prepare several different client accounts, deal with cases that are insolvent, perform a risk analysis, and more. 

Job Statistics

While it might not be as difficult to land an accounting job, it is much more difficult for you to hold down that job. In fact, the accounting industry all across the world, which includes NYC, has one of the highest recorded employee turnover rates. This is why a successful accountant must be one who is not just self-motivated but also knows how to work efficiently with numbers and is a team player.

Apart from that, on average, an accountant in New York City earns around $78,000 each year. Once you factor in compensation for additional cash, you can earn around $83,000. On the lowest scale, an accountant will earn $50,000, which is exactly the earning you need to be able to live your life in New York City. 


All in all, there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to landing an accounting job in the city of New York, especially since the top accounting firm’s headquarters is located there.

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